Pokemon XY Trainer Kit: 2-Player Learn-to-Play Set (Pokémon Trading Card Game)

The easy way to learn and play. Your favorite Pokemon will show you how to battle-one card at a time! The Pokemon TCG: XY Trainer Kit gets you playing from the very first card you draw. And with powerful Pokemon like Sylveon and Noivern at ...your side, you'll be a Pokemon Trainer in no time! The Pokemon TCG: XY Trainer Kit contains everything you need to learn, train and win. Read More

Classic Game Collection
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Standard playing cards in a mini size. The deck of cards are boxed and measure 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". These sleek, light weight and ...compact playing cards are perfect for backpacking. An essential piece of survival equipment. If you get lost, sit down and play Solitaire. Before you know it someone will be behind you telling you how to play. Ask that person for directions. Read More

Fantasy Flight Games
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Winter is Coming</br></br> If your allegiance lies with the Kings in the North, there's no better way to show it than with this w...eighted resin House card. Showing the weirwood trees of the old gods, and the direwolf of House Stark in exquisite detail, your power can rest secure on a House card as white as winter snow. Read More

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By Twilight Creations<br /><br />Players: 2 to 6<br />Playing Time: 60 minutes<br />Ages: 13 and up<br /><br />You are so tired. Y...ou just can not run anymore. Your breath sounds like a jet engine and sweat has soaked every inch of your body. A shower would be nice. Hell, just being able to catch your breath would be great. Who are we kidding? Ten whole minutes not completely enveloped in sheer terror would be heaven. Too bad the zombie horde looking to make you lunch doesn't see it the same way.<br /><br />Zombies!!! The Card Game simulates the coming zombie apocalypse in card game form. Each player uses her own deck to form the narrative of their attempted escape. The ground-breaking card design allows for each card to be used for the card effect printed on the front or as a location as indicated by the card's back. The first player to make their way to the helipad at the bottom of their deck escapes certain death and wins the game.<br /><br />The zombies are right behind you. Do you have what it takes to survive? Read More

Essential Learning Products
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Better than traditional flash cards, Number-Bond Cards take students beyond just practicing math facts. They illustrate the relati...onships between numbers as well as the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Students work with the cards as flash cards to build fluency, and they gain number sense at the same time. Teachers can use the cards with the whole group, with small groups, in pairs, or with individuals. Answers are included on the back of every card, so it?s easy for students to check their own or each other?s work. (Grades 3-6) 82 cards. Read More

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12 Days is a holiday-themed card game you'll love playing with your friends and family. 12 Days is a trick-taking bidding game pla...yed over 12 turns representing the Twelve Days of Christmas. Players will try to gift away unpopular cards while keeping cards that are strong enough to win the day, and keeping a careful eye for bonus scoring options at the end of 12 Days.<br /><br />The basic turn sequence for 12 Days is:<br /><br />1) Gift a present to the player to your left,<br />2) Open presents and try to win the day with the best present,<br />3) Buy new gifts and refill your hand.<br /><br />The player with the most Christmas spirit at the end of 12 Days wins! Game play usually lasts around 15 minutes and is well balanced for 3 to 5 players ages 8 and older. Simply combine multiple decks to play with larger gaming groups! Read More

Z-Man Games
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The parade has started in Wonderland. Everybody is dressed up, the streets are decorated, excitement is in the air. Let's find mor...e people to join the parade. You are one of the organizers of the parade and are constantly trying your best to encourage people to join. If only the people already taking part didn't leave so early. After a short while they just lose any interest in the parade. And if somebody shows up with the same dress or of higher rank, all they do is to leave the parade immediately and complain to you. You just want everybody to have fun, but why is that so difficult? Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Ideal for centers and cooperative learning, the Center SOLUTIONS Math Windows set contains 5 two-sided write-on/wipe-away cards me...asuring 8.5" x 11" each. Read More

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Solve Mysteries with Benjamin and Franklin! Join 13 year old Benjamin and his bulldog sidekick, Franklin, to help solve 46 mini my...steries! Each Mystery card includes an illustrated clue to aid in solving the crime and boost visual perception skills. Set in Philadelphia, these tales are filled with fun historical and regional facts are perfect for giving super sleuths a covert boost in vocabulary skills. Solutions are printed in reverse type at the end of each mystery. Mirror card is included for reading the solutions. Great for Travel! Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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CDP158152 Features: -Pocket chart card.-Age recommendation: Ages 4 and up. Dimensions: -4'' H x 2.75'' W.

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A great gift for the Beatles fan! This good-quality hinged tin houses 2 different packs of 52-image playing cards, yielding 104 im...ages in all per tin. The tin measures 5.5 x 4 x 1.75. 100% officially licensed. Read More

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