Playskool Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Web Strike Tank Vehicle with Spider-Man Figure

One bite from a radioactive spider changed Peter Parker's life forever, giving him super-human powers and amazing wall-crawling ability. Wearing the mask that has made him a legend, he battles evil wherever a hero is needed, as the one-and-...only Spider-Man! Evildoers don't stand a chance against your little hero and his Web Strike Tank vehicle! This tough armored vehicle is loaded with web-slingin' weaponry, like the capture trap that grabs villains and the stinger that launches from the vehicle's stinger tail. It's just the right size for his little hands, and he can slide the cockpit open and put the included Spider-Man figure at the controls. Give your little web-slinger a tank-and-hero duo with the Web Strike Tank vehicle! Playskool and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V. Read More

Hero Arts
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An OHW stamp set all about pride and patriotism. There is nothing like the elegance of a woodblock set. Beautifully crafted rubber... stamps with classic American maple blocks in an elegant box. Perfect for stamping, crafting and as a gift. Just select your favorite ink (not included) and stamp on paper for a beautiful impression every time. Read More

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Different Like Me introduces children aged 8 to 12 years to famous, inspirational figures from the world of science, art, math, li...terature, philosophy and comedy. Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome, tells young readers about the achievements and characteristics of his autism heroes, from Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey and Wassily Kandinsky to Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Banneker and Julia Bowman Robinson, among others. All excel in different fields, but are united by the fact that they often found it difficult to fit in-just like Quinn. Fully illustrated in color and written in child-friendly language, this book will be a wonderful resource for children, particularly children with autism, their parents, teachers, carers and siblings.Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 11/30/2005Pages: 48 Read More

Taylor Trade Publishing
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After five successful books in the Princesses series, Carmela LaVigna Coyle now turns her attention to an all new childhood fantas...y in this wonderful new story about imagination and play. Every little boy and girl has a super hero somewhere inside just waiting to come out. Tie on your cape and join the adventure. Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 5/1/2012Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 3 and Up Read More

Super Hero Adventure
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Playskool Super Hero Smash Mobile with Hulk Hulk not like building. Hulk smash. With a super-tough smash fist ready to pack a wall...op, the Hulk Smash Mobile won't let anything get in its way. The Smash Mobile vehicle is just what your Hulk figure needs to be an even bigger threat to evil. Product Features Your figure can stand at the controls as you roll the vehicle toward the next obstacle, and then when the moment comes to power through it, trigger the vehicle's fist to smash it aside This super-cool Smash Mobile vehicle has a punching fist and room for your Hulk figure to ride on top Press the button to knock things down with the fist Vehicle comes with figure Recommended Ages: 3 years and up Read More

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Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectibles the world over, Funko is back with Funko Force 2.0. This adorable co...llectible figure comes packaged with a smile - specifically, yours. The unique design brings Funko's house style into the world of plastic figures, and we just know that Batman is going to look great on your desk. Read More

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Find video games at! Brought to you by the makers of guitar hero, one of the best-selling video game franchises of all ...time, band hero features the hottest chart-topping hits from everyone s favorite acts including taylor swift, lily allen, the all-american rejects and jackson 5. Headlined by some of the biggest names in music as in-game artists and playable characters, band hero is the ultimate party game where players of all ages will be able to experience the signature, easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master guitar hero gameplay. Band hero allows fans to create the band they always dreamed of using any combination of guitar or drum controllers and... Read More

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Gangsters, Humanitarians, Pioneers, Traitors, and Other Intriguing Figures Product Information Encyclopedia Britannica profiles th...e gangsters, humanitarians, pioneers, pirates, politicians, traitors, and other interesting figures who have left their mark on history. Who are the heroes and who are the villains? You be the judge. Detailed and Balanced Biographies. Product Features Explore Explore the lives of Gerry Adams, Kofi Annan, Billy the Kid, Osama bin Laden, the Boston Strangler, Julius Caesar, Fidel Castro, Christopher Columbus, Saint Francis of Assisi, Benjamin Franklin, Geronimo, John Gotti, Adolf Hitler, Sherlock Holmes, Judas Iscariot, Michael Jordan, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr., Florence Nightingale, Odysseus, Popeye, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Woodrow Wilson, and many others. A Collection That Will Entertain, Educate, and Surprise More than 600 articles cover Activists; Athletes; Gangsters; Humanitarians and Philanthropists; Legendary Figures; Militants and Revolutionaries; Nobel Peace Prize Winners; Pioneers and Explorers; Pirates, Outlaws, and Frontiersmen; Political and Military Figures; Serial Killers and Murderers; Traitors and Spies. Fascinating Multimedia Witness the landing of the first man on the Moon. Watch sports hero Jackie Robinson in action. Learn about the life and times of Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Leif Eriksson, Alger Hiss, and many others. Engaging multimedia plus more than 480 photos, images, and maps accompany the Read More

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Introducing an all new Nintendo DS franchise for aspiring heroes! My Hero: Firefighter, My Hero: Astronaut and My Hero: Doctor let... players experience what it?s like to be the role models they look up to. In My Hero: Doctor, players become a doctor apprentice who must manage critical medical emergencies. Race through traffic to reach patients in time and then treat them, stabilize them, and get them back to the hospital before it is too late! With enough heart, stamina, and skills, you will enter the Hall of Fame as the town's best doctor.Features include: -Interactive use of the stylus and mic in 10 intense...heart stopping, replayable missions that will test your skills as a doctor -Scan for fractures, resuscitate using CPR or mouth-to-mouth, remove foreign bodies like bee stings or sea-urchins, carefully inject medication, and if things get real hairy, use the defibrillator-Work with real medical supplies like bandages, gauze, pliers and syringes to restore your patients' health-Race to destinations in day and night modes while avoiding obstacles to receive time bonuses-Reach checkpoints and receive the Siren Super Bonus to gain turbo speed and make cars move out of your way Read More

Destination Software
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Your best skating buddy has been kidnapped by Virus, your arch-nemesis, and only you can save him! Become a skateboard master as y...ou zip between hover cars, grind on rails, and pull sick trick combos throughout a futuristic metropolis. Hidden bonuses and items will help you impress the evil captor in order to free your friend. Your grappling laser and trusty skateboard are all you need to smack down your nemesis and restore peace to the city. Read More

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LEGO Hero Factory: Keeping the galaxy free from pests and villains! New and exciting LEGO adventures for beginner readers. With exciting Level 3 reader, LEGO Hero Factory: Heroes in Action, children learn the stories behind the heroes — and behind the most notoriously nasty LEGO Hero Factory villains there are! With eye-catching photography and complex sentence structure, this reader is sure to capture the interest of little heroes everywhere. LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick configuration and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2012 The LEGO Group. Produced by DK Publishing under license from the LEGO Group.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 4/30/2012Pages: 48Reading Level: Age 7 and Up Read More

Electronic Arts
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Product InformationThe Spore universe finally es to the Wii in Spore Hero anentirely new simulation adventure with an RPG feel. Gu...aranteed to pleaseexisting fans of the franchise as well as those ing to it for the first timein both the game's single player and an exciting two-player versus modes playerscreate a creature hero take on quests for non-playing characters and fight tosave your pla. Along the way you will unlock hundreds of collectable bodyparts and abilities that open up new gameplay options and that put the directionof your character's unique evolution in your own hands.StoryThis all-new story begins as you crash land on a strange alien world. Butsomething evil has followed you and is threatening to destroy the creatures ofthe pla. Only a true hero can save the world from this new threat. Are youthat hero? If so you will need to earn unique new parts to adapt to thecourageous battles and amazing adventures that await you in Spore Hero.GameplayIn Spore Hero players focus on creativity and evolution using the uniquecontrols for Wii. The game takes players on an exciting adventure through abeautiful colorful world based in the Spore universe. Taking fulladvantage of the Wii controls Spore Hero engages players in heatedbattles humorous missions curious puzzles and more. Throughout the gameplayers will collect more than 250 body parts parts with unique abilities andexperience the unparalleled customization of the revolutionary SporeCreature Creator enhanced for the Wii.Product Features Create and evolve your own hero with over 250 collectable parts and special abilities. Spore?s revolutionary Creature Creator is brought to life with Wii enhanced controls. Fight using your Wii Remote as you spit poison fire spikes dive bomb and bite your enemies. Unlock bos and new fighting skills as you take on dangerous creatures all over the pla. Play against a friend as you bring your wildest Spore creatures into battle in versus multiplayer ac Read More

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Attention surge: the evil brains are closing in on legohero factory hq and must be stopped! we've equipped you with powerful lightning blades, dual plasma shooters, jetpack wings, an opening armored visor and hero core locking clamps. now spin those lightning blades and give the aliens a shock they'll never forget! 66 pcs. ages 7 yrs. +. Read More

Paper House Production
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Paper House Cardstock Stickers-Hero Birthday

Destination Software
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Your best skating buddy has been kidnapped by Virus, your arch-nemesis, and only you can save him! Become a skateboard master as y...ou zip between hover cars, grind on rails, and pull sick trick combos throughout a futuristic metropolis. Hidden bonuses and items will help you impress the evil captor in order to free your friend. Your grappling laser and trusty skateboard are all you need to smack down your nemesis and restore peace to the city. Read More

Super Hero Adventure
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Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Spider-Man PackYour little guy will become one of the Masters of Kapow as he trains ...alongside his Spider-Man figure! This wall-crawling superhero launches at the included plane with a Green Goblin figure inside. When he hits the plane it pops open and it's good-bye, Green Goblin! It's going to be one leaping adventure after another for your little hero with this kid-sized superhero!Playskool and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.Features:Spider-Man figure looks like the web-slinging superheroLaunches at the included plane and Green Goblin figurePlane pops openIncludes figure and vehicle Read More

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Little superheroes are going to blast off into big adventures with this Wolverine figure! This mutant superhero figure is the righ...t size for your little hero's hands, and he'll have a ton of fun in all his Wolverine adventures. He can trigger the figure's 2-handed slashing action with a squeeze of its legs! Team your little guy up with incredible clawed action with this Wolverine figure! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Read More

Super Hero Adventure
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Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain America Shield Your little hero is going to feel just like Captain America w...ith the amazing launching action of the Captain America Shield Launcher! It's easy to load the soft Nerf balls into the shield, and then all he has to do is pull back the strap and release it to fire, just like Captain America! The bad guys don't stand a chance when your little one has the Captain America Shield Launcher!Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.Playskool, Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.Features:Captain America Shield Launcher has easy slingshot actionIncludes 3 Nerf ballsJust pull back strap and release to launchBalls launch from the star on the shieldStore balls in the shield Read More

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