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Playgro Toys & Games

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Super Shaker has it all, teething rings, bright colors, various textures and shapes to create movement perfect for little hands to... explore. Vibrant colors and patterns for visual stimulation including high contrast stripes and bold primary colors. A mix of satin, woven, hard and soft textures create interest and encourage tactile development. Crinkle sounds encourage baby to reach and move items to create sound, practicing their listening and fine motor skills. Various textured teething rings to soothe baby's sore gums. Super Shaker encourages discovery by helping baby use their hands and fingers for small and precise movements, i.e. grasping or manipulating objects and using and controlling their larger musles for movement, i.e. reaching, crawling and rolling over. Read More

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Playgro stage-1 toys are about stimulating baby's senses. Playgro stage-1 toys have sounds and music patterns with contrasting bri...ght colors. The senses of sound and smell are almost fully developed at birth. As your baby comes to the world, vision increases and attractive mobiles above bassinettes and changing tables catch baby's full attention. Read More

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Fun fish stacking fun cups have bright and bold colors that hold baby's attention and help stimulate visual perception. Baby can e...xplore these fun stacking cups by stacking them up high or nesting them inside each other, encouraging baby to reason and think, encouraging their cognitive skills. Gross motor skills can be practiced by grasping the cups while feeling and holding each cup helps practice baby's fine motor skills. The insides and undersides of the cups have cute water creatures on them. Perfect for creating fun and interest. Read More

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Teething blankie is a soft, bright and colorful blankie. Adorable elephant character with click clack rings to engage baby's inter...est. Complete with textured chewy corner to soothe sore gums. It is compact enough to take with you while out and about. Read More

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