Pet Naturals Pet Naturals of Vermont Bladder Support Chewable Tablets for Dogs, 45 chewable tablets

Pet Naturals of Vermont Bladder Support Dog Supplement, 45 chewable tablets; BLADDER SUPPORT for dogs is a highly palatable smoke flavored chewable tablet. BLADDER SUPPORT is an advanced combination of ingredients that work together to supp...ort normal bladder function and health. It is especially helpful for female dogs after spaying and for senior dogs to help maintain bladder health and control. Key Benefits Pumpkin Seed Powder has been used for prostate and bladder health and is beneficial to urinary tract health due to its cleansing action. It also strengthens bladder muscle and supports bladder emptying Saw Palmetto Extract helps support normal bladder control and muscle tone Olive Leaf Extract supports healthy microflora in the G.I. tract Vitamin B6 supports normal urine output and bladder function Read More

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