Perler Perler Beads I-Pegboard Tablet Accessory Starter Kit

Perler iPegboard Starter Kit
Perler iPegboard Starte...r Kit
The Classic Beads You Love - Combined with Technology

Perler beads are fun for kids big, little and in the middle! Now create Perler projects on your iPad with the iPegboard Starter Kit and Free Perler App from the Apple App Store. The iPegboard tray fits right over your iPad so you can follow the pattern on the screen. After the beads are placed, lift the pegboard from the tray to iron your design. Use your Perler iPegboard to create tons of fun designs. It's easy to do and fun to create. The iPegboard is not supported on the iPad mini.

Everything You Need to Create
  • Activity tray with removable pegboard and 5 bead compartments
  • 900 beads: red, orange, yellow, kiwi lime, and turquoise
  • Bead tweezer
  • Ironing paper
  • Easy instructions
Perler iPegboard Starter Kit
iPegboard Starter Kit
Free iPad Perler App

Create your own Perler fused bead designs by choosing exclusive patterns from the gallery, photos from your camera roll or take a picture. It?s easy to do. Choose your favorite theme from the gallery, select an image from that theme and bead your pattern. Make every design your own by cropping, rotating or choosing from 40 different bead colors to customize your pattern. Snap the iPegboard on top of your iPad and bead away. When your masterpiece is complete, have a grown-up iron your project. You can even share your designs with family and friends. Hours of imaginative fun awaits.

Perler iPegboard Starter Kit
Imagine the Creativity
Tips and Tricks

In order to have the best experience possible with the Perler iPegboard and Perler App there are a few things to keep in mind: The iPegboard tray fits over your iPad but does not attach. Take care when removing to iron. Do not iron on top of the iPad - please remove bead tray first.

Use a household iron and our special ironing paper to fuse the beads. Only adults should iron projects. When the project is properly fused, the centers of the beads should remain open. This is especially helpful for projects that involve assembly. The Perler pegboards and ironing paper are reusable.

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