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PC Treasures
$13.95 at Serious Puzzles

From the delicate china from the crocheted doilies, every single piece in here is a family treasure. Family Treasures is a 1000 pi...ece jigsaw puzzle from Perre. Finished Puzzle: 18.9 x 25.98 Artist: Barbara Mock Perre is a leading jigsaw puzzle producer. Offering puzzles in sizes from 260 - 2,000 pieces, they feature imagery drawn from fine art, cultural icons, and historical landmarks, as well as beautiful landscapes, vibrant still life, vivid wildlife, and more! Each puzzle features a box stand, and Perre offers missing piece support. Read More

PC Treasures
$11.95 at Serious Puzzles

If only people would open up and let the light in, they would realize that the world is a beautiful place full of treasures that just waiting to be discovered. World Treasure Puzzles is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Tomax. Finished Puzzle: 15 x 20.5 TOMAX has been specializing in jigsaw puzzles for over two decades and expanded their line from 12 images to more than 400 over a variety of piece counts, running as high as 4000 pieces! They have something for just about everyone. Read More

PC Treasures
$10.95 at Serious Puzzles

Artist: Doug Laird The holidays are here and the mailbox is overflowing with gifts and well wishes; let's hope those Cardinals don...'t get into Grandma's fruitcake! ...well, that might not be too bad after all. SunsOut offers an incredible range of jigsaw puzzles, with piece counts from as small as 48 pieces to as high as 6,000 and they come in over 70 unique shapes and sizes. Every one of their products is proudly made in the USA by an environmentally conscious company that uses soy-based inks and recycled board. Read More

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