OXO Sippy Cup Set - Green

I can do it myself! says the independent child. I'll go get a roll of paper towels! says the prudent Mom. Perhaps items that help streamline the path to independent drinking will help, like the OXO Tot Sippy Cup with Handles . This set is d...esigned to walk your child through the steps of learning how to drink on his own, converting from a sippy cup to a trainer cup to a regular (but very cute) cup. The OXO Sippy Cup is designed to minimize the mess your baby can make as he learns, while maximizing his comfort (it even has an adorable dent in the top for his nose). In sippy cup mode, the OXO Tot Sippy Cup has a sippy spout with a leakproof valve, and large, curved handles that are angled for an easy grip - babies don't have to turn their wrists too much to hold on tightly. When your baby gets the hang of gripping his sippy, remove the handles so he can practice holding and tilting a regular cup. Read More

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