OWI OWI Happy Hopping Frog Kit - Solar Powered

OWI Happy Hopping Frog Kit - Solar Powered OWI Happy Hopping Frog Kit - Solar Powered is a little green adorable amphibian that leaps with joy. It jiggles its eyes and uses its hind legs and rubber feet just like a dog wags its tail to ackn...owledge its love and appreciation for its owner. Its a logical mini solar kit thats activated by the power of the suns rays. Why Youll Love It: Its an easy-to-use science kit that teaches kids all about solar power in a fun science experiment kit. Age: 10 years and up Features Teaches how light can generate electricity Solar powered Educational solar hobby kit Includes: Picture instructions for easy assembly Recommended Ages:10 ? 15 Read More

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Light dawns when kids discover the sun at work when these toys generate their own electric power. Have fun putting the kits togeth...er, then simply pick a sunny day, Plug the Green Life Car and Driver into its garage and the driver will turn the wheel as it rolls away (5" x 2" x 3"). Lovely power play for ages 8 and up. For ages 8 and up. Available Styles: Green Life Car Size: Car and Driver: 5" x 2" x 3" Read More

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OWI-630 Features: -Child's own personal wind turbine.-Clip it to a bike's handlebars or anywhere with a breeze and watch as the fa...n powers a LED light.-Stronger the wind, the faster pedals and the brighter the LED shines.-For ages 10 and up. Read More

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OWI-MSK673 Features: -Attacking inch worm.-Mini solar kit.-Has a hard plastic body to protect itself.-Demonstrates alternative ene...rgy principles.-No batteries required and less than fifty parts to assemble. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 6'' H x 8'' W x 2'' D. Read More

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OWI-751 Features: -Building on the success award winning salt water fuel cell car.-Second generation appears to be just as dynamic......maybe a little frightening.-For ages 10 and up. Includes: -After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture, the magnesium metal sheet (3 sheets included) can operate the spider for about 5-7 continuously. Read More

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OWI-752 Features: -Easily handles different types of terrain by its twisted car body design.-Transparent case design allows childr...en to see the rhythm of the piston in vertical or horizontal position.-Each monster wheel can change its angle individually and the truck can change its height and shape.-Forward and reverse...no problem; simply switch the "positive and negative" connectors.-Salt water fuel cell monster truck gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy.-Building and powering their very own kit: just add saltwater and roar.-For ages 10 and up. Construction: -Truck Kit is equipped with four-wheel drive mechanical construction. Read More

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The Everything Kids Magical Science Experiments Book is filled with over 50 science experiments that bend the rules of time, space... and logic so far, they appear to be magical.Kids can conduct these experiments safely in the home, unlocking the mysteries of experiments that: you can create using common food items; will help you explore the magic of heating and cooling; you can conduct in your front or back garden; have to do with the senses and human body; probe physical processes and changes; and, delve into chemical and biological processes and changes.Packed with 30 magical science-related puzzles and over 50 experiments that are sure to get kids excited about chemistry, science and physics, The Everything Kids Magical Science Experiments Book is the perfect tool for anyone who is awed by the magic of science. Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 10/1/2007 Pages: 144 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up Author: Tom Robinson Publisher: Adams Media Dimensions: 7.99in length x 0.43in width x 9.25in height Weight: 5.59oz. Read More

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With an assortment of crystal growing activities, the Ultimate Crystal Kit has more crystals for you to grow than any other kit! Y...oull learn all about crystals and grow every type of crystal imaginable, including giant gems, glowing geodes, and an entire crystal garden. Features include: ?This kit has 15 different crystal growing activities ?Grow geodes and grow giant crystals ?Grow crystals quickly - See spectacular results with in a 2 - 3 days ?This fun kit makes geology exciting and accessible to kids ?The crystal experiments in this kit make great projects for science fairs Recommended Ages:9 and up Dimensions: 15.19in length x 12.19in width x 3.39in height Read More

Houghton Mifflin
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Earth takes center stage in this updated version of Virginia Lee Burton?s 1962 classic Life Story. Told through five acts, Burton?...s art and text tell the history of earth from beginning to present day. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of the planet?s history and their leading roles in it today. The book has been updated with cutting-edge science, including up-to-the-minute information on fossil records and the geologic principles. We are thrilled to provide this updated artistic and visionary work in time for the anniversary of Virginia Lee Burtons 100th birthday. Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 11/16/2009 Pages: 80 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Author: Virginia Lee Burton Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children Dimensions: 9.48in length x 0.39in width x 9.01in height Weight: 11.19oz. Read More

Educational Insights
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Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. - Beginning Science Hot Dots Jr. Card Set Beginning Science: Animal habitats and diets, roots, s...eeds, and fruits Getting ready for school has never been this much fun! Hot Dots Jr. card sets teach children all they need for academic success. Cards can be used alone as traditional flash cards, or when used with Ace?the Talking, Teaching Dog or Kat?the Talking, Teaching Kitty (both sold separately), fun lights and encouraging sounds guide children through cute, colorful lessons. Ages 3+/Grades Pre-K+ ? Set includes 36 double-sided cards?72 early learning activities ? Double-sided cards measure 6L x 4H each and store in included cases that feature handles for learning on the go Recommended Ages: 3 years - 6 years Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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Summary: Its pure bottled magic! A complete kit that ingeniously marries science and fun in the breakthrough vein of The Bug Book ...and Bug Bottle (1.7 million copies in print) and The Bones Book and Skeleton (1.65 million copies in print), Pop Bottle Science presents 79 easy, hands-on experiments that probe the worlds of chemistry, physics, biology, geology, weather, the human body, and even astronomy. The Pop Bottle bottle is a perfect miniature science lab--see-through, flexible, air-tight when necessary, made out of a durable, shatter-proof plastic and designed with a removable top that doubles as a funnel. The Pop Bottle book is a lively, fully illustrated 96-page guide to astonishment. Each experiment begins with a challenge and ends with an explanation of the scientific principles involved. Kids can design a volcano and watch it erupt. Create a tornado-maker and see how twisters work. Make quicksand--is it solid or liquid? Observe photosynthesis in action. Simulate Jupiters giant red spot, investigate buoyancy, demonstrate inertia, and discover the Bernoulli principle--which allows planes to fly. Plus, turn the bottle into a barometer, a thermometer, walkie-talkie, trombone, compass--or groovy lava lamp. About the Author: ?Lynn Brunelle, a four-time Emmy Award?winning writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, is the author of Pop Bottle Science and Camp Out!. She lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with her husband and two children. Author: LynnBrunelle Illustrator:0 Publisher:Workman Publishing Company Published Date:09/01/2004 ISBN:0761129804 #of pages:#N/A Author: Lynn Brunelle Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 2.63in length x 3.97in width x 8.03in height Weight: 12oz. Read More

National Geographic
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Did you know that a lions roar can be heard up to five miles away? That an astronauts heartbeat slows down in space? That about $5...0 billion of Monopoly money is printed each year? Three hundred wacky facts pop from the colorful, compact pages of Weird but True! 3, an irresistible trove of facts and fun, based on the top-scoring feature in the countrys premier childrens magazine?National Geographic Kids. Brain-bending information entertains as it educates, covering topics such as science, animals, food, pop culture, weather, geography, and everything else under the sun. Plus, for the first time, this edition contains fun facts generated by readers! The original Weird but True book was an overnight success, selling tens of thousand of copies through bookstores in its first month on the market. The third edition is poised to follow, as it explodes with all-new facts, whimsical design, and even more eye-popping features that kids will love. Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 6/14/2011 Pages: 208 Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Author: National Geographic Kids Publisher: National Geographic Childrens Books Dimensions: 6.54in length x 6.61in width x 0.49in height Weight: 10.4oz. Read More

National Geographic
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The cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up t...hrough cracks in the Earth?s crusts, exploding violently and sometimes unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations for months, even years. Anne Schreiber?s narrative gives readers a little of the science, a little of the history, and a lot of the action. National Geographic photography fires the imagination on dramatic spreads alive with vivid images of lava, ash, molten rock, weird rocks, and steaming seawater. Book Details: Format: Library Binding Publication Date: 7/8/2008 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Author: Anne Schreiber Publisher: National Geographic Childrens Books Dimensions: 6.15in length x 0.38in width x 9.33in height Weight: 8.48oz. Read More

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Simple language and bold illustrations make this a fun and informative book about the sun. ?Add this one to primary-grade science ...shelves.?--Booklist Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 9/7/1987 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Author: Gail Gibbons Publisher: Sandpiper Dimensions: 9.92in length x 7.96in width x 0.11in height Weight: 4.79oz. Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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Ever since Charles Darwin revealed his landmark ideas about evolution in 1859, new findings have confirmed, expanded, and refined ...his concepts. Now, author Laurence Pringle, one of the nations premier science writers, brings together the pillars of evidence that support our understanding of evolution in this ALA Notable Childrens Book. Field biology, genetics, geology, paleontology, and medicine all add to the impressive structure of evidence. With a perfect blend of science and art, renowned illustrator Steve Jenkins creates stunning new depictions of important concepts and key evolutionary scientists. More than fifty photographs capture natural marvels, including awe-inspiring fossils, life forms, and geological wonders. The result is a full, clear, and up-to-date account of the monumental evidence supporting the modern view of evolution. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/1/2011 Pages: 112 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up Author: Laurence Pringle Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 0.5in length x 8.75in width x 10in height Weight: 20.8 oz Read More

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Words Every Second Grader Needs to Know! is a resource designed to enhance a students understanding of vocabulary in essential con...tent areas. Each activity gives students extra practice with academic vocabulary, which are the subject-specific words that often challenge learners. Though students rarely encounter these words in everyday use, knowing them is essential to students ability to learn new subject concepts. --The 180 words in Words Every Second Grader Needs to Know! have been carefully selected to match national education standards in the curriculum areas of math, science and health, technology, language arts, history, geography, civics and economics, and the arts. The activities feature vocabulary words in a variety of contexts so that students can make their own thoughtful connections about them. This book also includes a reproducible student dictionary, vocabulary game ideas and reproducible templates, and word cards??tools that will make learning academic vocabulary words both effective and fun! --Each book features: -- *180 subject-specific vocabulary words *Standards-based activities *Vocabulary games and templates *A student dictionary *Word cards Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 1/1/2009 Pages: 144 Reading Level: Age 7 and Up Author: Lee Justice Publisher: Frank Schaffer Dimensions: 10.59in length x 8.3in width x 0.5in height Weight: 12.8oz. Read More

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