Osprey Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser Skateboard

With its retro 70s design and mind-bending graphics the Osprey Pin Stripe Mini Cruiser is a very rare beast indeed, combining stunning looks with the features needed for maximum performance. The mini cruiser's deck has been made out of toug...h 7ply Canadian maple with a single kick concave design. Not only does the concave design allow greater control of the mini cruiser but, thanks to its single kick design, flicks and ollies are executable whilst cruising about town. High quality grip tape, embossed with a line through the middle and decorated with a small Osprey design, allows greater control of the mini skateboard cruiser. An Osprey design has also been incorporated on the reverse of the skateboard cruiser deck. The design features vibrant green lines in a symmetrical pattern with an Osprey logo in the center. Accompanying the logo is a seriously cool image depicting a skateboard wheel with wings (must have seen this board and gone to skateboard heaven). Sandwiched between the deck and the heavy-duty base and trucks are durable PU cushions. The cushions greatly improve the mini cruiser skateboard's maneuverability, allowing turns to be executed with greater precision and ease. PU cast wheels have been colored to match the green design on the base of the board and decorated with funky Osprey prints. The wheels utilize high-quality ABEC-7 chrome bearings which reduce friction for a smoother and quicker ride. Read More

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Named after the famed winged horse from Greek mythology, the Osprey Pegasus Twin Tip Longboard has been made using a combination o...f 7Ply Canadian maple. Maneuverability is provided by PU cushions sandwiched between the maple longboard deck and durable base and trucks. Another awesome feature is the ABEC-9 chrome bearings used in the wheel design which reduces friction for a quicker and smoother ride. Read More

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Presenting a double dose of longboard brilliance. As well as featuring a pin tail design, for increased carving power, the Osprey ...Helix Rounded Cruiser looks hotter than a bath in boiling bowl of gumbo. The cruiser longboard's deck has been made out of 7ply Canadian maple which is extremely durable and handles a lot of weight on the turn.. Not only does the grip tape allow far greater control of the longboard skateboard but it has also been embossed with an eye-catching swirl design, enabling the stunning maple finish to show through. The underside of the deck is decorated with a stunning shade of blue and features symmetrical woven lines and Osprey's unmistakable crest of a skateboard wheel with wings. The tough aluminum base and trucks are attached to quality PU cast wheels which are colored blue and emblazoned with Osprey prints. Sandwiched between the deck and the hardwearing base and trucks are quality PU cushions which improve the pintail longboard's maneuverability and response on the turn. The PU cast wheels also utilize ABEC-7 chrome bearings which reduce friction for a smoother and impressively quicker ride. The Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser is a superb longboard package for people seeking high carving power and amazing cruising speeds. We're talking a high-spec cruiser packed with features that perform and decorations that look the part. Read More

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The 'Check' Single Kick Mini Cruiser Skateboard is for those riders who are not afraid of being noticed. With its striking heat tr...ansferred black and white 'Check' design and vibrant pink PU wheels and bushings, the 'Check' mini cruiser is guaranteed to make a huge visual statement when street cruising or shredding at the park. A solidly built 27 inch x 8 inch 7 ply, flat, Canadian maple deck and single kick tail allows for a stable ride and responsive trick execution, with plenty of pop for airs and jumping the pavement. The 6 inch heavy duty trucks help to increase stability and provide plenty of pivot for smooth turning, with solid shock absorption provided by the PU bushings. 7-14mm incline risers offer the cruiser board a more pronounced riding height and help to eliminate the problem of wheel bite. For increased zip, ABEC-9 chrome bearings are fitted inside the cruisers large pink, 60mm x 45 mm PU cast wheels. The sharp lipped design of the wheels also helps provide improved grip when careering into sharp turns, making the 'Check' skate board a complete around shredding machine for the park or the street. Read More

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The 'Retro' Single Kick Mini Cruiser Skateboard comes with more "street" toughened style than the crustiest of gutter punks. The h...ardy 7 ply Canadian maple deck features Osprey's heat transferred 'Retro' deck print that looks like it could just as easily have been sprayed by a seasoned street artist; with the stenciled Osprey print making this an ideal cruiser board for any budding or seasoned skate rat. The street smarts of this skateboard don't stop there, the 5 inch heavy duty trucks offer durable stability whilst the risers allow from a more pronounced riding height and help eliminate wheel bite. Green 65mm x 51mm PU cast wheels with a sharp-lip design provide superb grip allowing for harder turns, great for dealing with the day to day slalom course of the concrete jungle. ABEC-9 chrome bearings offer the 'Retro' even more speed and coupled with the deck concave and single kick tail, allowing for precise and swift trick execution, this is a high performance skate board built for street rules. Read More

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The Osprey 'Photo' Single Kick Mini Cruiser is a precise and responsive cruiser board, perfect for traversing the urban jungle. Th...e robust 27.75 inch x 8.25 inch 7ply deck is constructed out of hardy Canadian maple, making the 'Photo' a hardened mini cruiser board. Its decreased length and broad width make the 'Photo' skate board a stable platform for cruising and the concave deck and single kick at the tail allow for swift execution of maneuvers and plenty of pop when the occasion requires it. On the underside of the deck is the heat transferred 'Photo' print wrapping around to a beach inspired wood effect on the top side, visible through the clear grip tape. Mounted to the deck are 5 inch heavy duty trucks with PU bushings for a steady and smooth ride; risers added to the trucks offer increased height and help eliminate wheel bite. The rounded 58mm x 40mm PU cast wheels with print and a round-lip design allowing for a looser carving feel and predictable, controlled power slides. ABEC- 9 chrome bearings offer plenty of zip to the cruiser's speed, making it a great way of getting from A-B in a hurry. Read More

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A cambered, symmetrical, fiberglass reinforced drop-through built to deliver slide and carve performance while maintaining a smoot...h ride. Expect stability, control, and return in a lightweight package. Read More

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The Bloom Veneer Longboard with custom bloom veneer shape featuring top and bottom full die cut veneers. Custom clear broadcast gr...ip tape and Reverse slant trucks and 70mm/78a wheels. Read More

Sector 9
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Rides on 9" Gullwing Sidewinder II's with 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings The length of the Fractal is... great for those looking for a longer wheelbase for cruising, but still want to do tight turns This board has the feel of a longboard, but produces tighter carves and lines than one would think 8 ply maple with CNC drop through mounting. Read More

Sector 9
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Look good, and go fast in the Faultline Complete Skateboard by Sector 9. This cruiser style boardes ready to go. The 9-ply maple c...onstruction provides great durability. This hot stylin' board is made with 10" Gullwing Charger trucks, a double lock mold, 73mm/82A Center Set Race Formula wheels, Abec 5 bearings, and Jessup grip tape. Imported. Read More

Sector 9
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Sector 9 Fraction Green Complete Longboard - 9x36 - 8 Ply Maple, 9.0" Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks, 69mm 78a Nineball Slalom Wheels ...and Abec 5 PDP Bearings Read More

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