organicKidz organicKidz Wide-Mouth Thermal Stainless Steel Bottle, Pink Dots, 7 Ounce

organicKidz 7 ounce wide-mouth stainless steel thermal baby bottles keep liquids hot or cold for 6+hours. No more worrying about hot water for formula feeding or icepacks to keep milk cold - this makes travel, play dates and outings so much... easier. All organicKidz products are BPA , PVC, Phthalate, Lead and Nitrosamine free and come with an innovative More Like Mom fast-flow peristaltic nipple. The integrated venting system in organicKidz nipples redirects air, keeping it away from the milk and allows baby to drink continuously without gasping for air or drinking bubbles. Our nipples allow for a more natural breast to bottle transition and are designed for easier back and forth from mom to bottle, reducing the risk of colic, spit up and ear infections. The stretch and flex peristaltic design allows baby's mouth and tongue to move in a natural, wave-like motion similar to breast feeding. Unlike glass and plastic baby bottles, stainless steel is unbreakable and naturally bacteria resistant. organicKidz bottles are durable, light weight and dishwasher safe. The unique bottle design allows for easy heating and cooling of liquids - bottles can even be warmed in a cup of hot water. The stainless steel lid doubles as a built in 2 ounce/60ml measuring cup which is ideal for formula feeding and as a handy snack cup. Breast milk will stay fresh longer in organicKidz bottles than in glass or plastic and can be pumped, stored and fr ounces in our bottles. Convertible to Sippy Cup and lunch box ready Water Bottle with organicKidz accessories. Read More

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