Optoma Optoma Panoview DS-3100PMG 100 inch Manual Pull-Down 4:3 Projector Screen

Panoview's advanced self-locking Speed-Control Screens are a snap to use. Just pull down to the desired height, hold for 3 seconds and the screen will stay put. With one pull, the speed-reducing mechanism enables the screen to self-retract ...into the case quietly and with control much like an electric screen minus the cord, complicated installation and electrical bill. This technology helps to reduce wear and tear and extend screen life The versatile design of these screens allows easy installation to your ceiling or wall. Perfectly suited for various venues such as classrooms, home theaters and meeting rooms, Panoview's Speed-Control Screens remain secure and safe once installed. Features 1.0 gain and 160 degree viewing angle offer vibrant images and a wider seating configuration Speed-reducing mechanism controls retraction to enhance safety and reduce wear and tear on screen Self-locking system ensures ease of setup and accurate screen sizing Advanced casing design keeps screen wrinkle-free High-qua Read More

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