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DaVinci Storage & Organization

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<b> DaVinci Kalani Combo Dresser Hutch </b><br><p> DaVinci Kalani Combo Dresser Hutch is a set of shelves that can be placed on Ka...lani or Emily II Combo Dresser for added space and storage. While the shelves themselves are great to hold stuff, the brackets fit in ideally on top of the dresser that it complements and provide more display space.</p><br><b> Why You'll Love It: </b> The stylish Hutch dresser is designed to provide more storage space and has brackets to attach to the combo dresser for added safety. <br><br><b>Features</b><ul><li>Adds extra space and style to the dresser </li><li>Doubles as a showcase above the dresser </li><li>Can hold books, display toys and store other necessities </li><li>Comes with brackets to attach to combo dresser for added safety </li></ul> Read More

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