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Flensted Crib Accessories

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Flensted Mobiles Dinghy Regatta/5 14x26

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Flensted Mobiles Mirage24x24

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Flensted Balloon Mobile The beautiful Flensted Balloon Mobile features colorful balloons inspired by hot air balloons. This mobile... has been carefully crafted to maintain balance with constant motion. You and your baby can relax, sit back and watch the slow motion of the attractive balloons. Why You'll Love It: Flensted Balloon Mobile is created with skillful hands in Denmark. It delivers unmatched quality with attractive colors to stimulate the eyes and minds of young learners.Age: Newborn and up Features Colorful mobile Maintains constant motion Features balloons Stimulates eyes and mind Fully assembled and ready to hang Dimensions: 19.7 x 25.6 inches, weight:4.8 oz Read More

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Flensted Mobiles Flowing Rhythm Rainbow12x18

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Flensted Sheep Mobile The lightweight Flensted Sheep Mobile is a simple yet beautiful design full of energy and grace. It features... different colored sheep. This mobile is designed with a harmonic balance and maintains constant motion. You just need to hang this fully-assembled mobile. Why You'll Love It: Flensted Sheep Mobile is made of durable, lightweight plastic. It's crafted with skillful hands in Denmark.Age: Newborn and up Features Maintains constant motion Designed with a harmonic balance Ready to be hung Product Dimensions:15.7 x 16.5 inches Read More

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