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Million Dollar Baby Changing Table Dressers

Million Dollar Baby
$499.00 at Hayneedle

Shop for Changing Tables from! Despite the push for fresh, not merely convenient, food and the implementation of car... seats and bike helmets, some things haven't changed about parenting in the last half century - namely, having to change diapers; and the Ubabub Nifty Changing Table - Walnut provides an easily accessible and attractive furnishing on which to do it. The culture and design of mid-century American modernism strove toward honesty and utility, most often reflected in the simplicity of form. And this mid-1900s design style is reflected in the clean lines of this changing table's slender silhouette, adding definite distinction to your little one's nursery. As the cult of domesticity is once again embraced, in a much more egalitarian shift, both moms and dads are lauded for those small, necessary jobs of raising children. This beautiful changing table is right at home in either a little boy's or a little girl's nursery. The two lower shelves make storing necessary items a snap, and the table's height is perfectly positioned for ergonomic changing - something that shouldn't be overlooked considering how many diapers need to be changed each day.About UbabubUbabub (pronounced uber-bub) is the brainchild of parents Natasha and Daniel Dumais. Raising their three daughters, these innovative designers had a difficult time finding nursery furniture that reflected their modern sensibilities, so they came up with their own. The result has been a line of fashionable, premium-end products that are also ubersafe, uberdurable, and ecologically friendly. Their modern aesthetic champions cool, clean lines while providing parents and babies alike with extra freedom and comfort. The cots, furniture, and accessories by Ubabub have been a family-inspired labor of love, which you're sure to fall in love with as well. Read More

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