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Baby Buddy

As a busy new parent, the constant search for fresh and clean clothes, in a size that fits, can be chaotic.  But you'll be ab...le to find your kids' clothes faster and easier, and eliminate the chaos, by organizing your kids closets using Baby Buddy Size-It Closet Organizer Dividers. Baby Buddy Children's Closet Organizers are easy-to-use size dividers for the hanging rod of your child's closet. The size dividers make it easy to keep the clothes in your kids' closets organized by size, from infant  through childhood, or you can organize by color, day of the week, season, or anything that makes sense to you. Baby Buddy Children's Closet Organizers are available in assorted colors, so you can choose a color that suits you and your child. If two children share a closet, then two sets of Children's Closet Organizers in different colors can be especially useful for keeping each child's clothing separate and organized. Check out our other Baby Buddy products because Every Baby Needs a Buddy. read more

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