Zombie Pets Plush

It's all fun and games until somebody loses a brain There has been a bit of a zombie craze going on, in case you didn't notice. And the animal kingdom is up in arms about it. All this attention goes to humans and human zombies. What about y...our animal friends and their zombie problems? Sure there are werewolves and zombies in the movie. What about werewolf zombies? And what about zombie penguins, huh? Bet those little feet aren't so happy now. Bring the zombie animal apocalypse of your imagination to life with these huggable zombie pet plushes. Choose from: Bitey - a possibly rabid baby werewolf Deadington Ruxworth - a stuffed bear Frostbite - an undead penguin Product Specifications Watch it or these little guys may try to bite you! Dimensions: 8" tall Recommended for ages 8 and up. Read More

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