Doctor Who Wind-Ups

Wind up time travelers! Whoville is where all the Whos liked to dance, With timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff in their pants. Until the Daleks attacked, with their plungers amiss And the Doctor had to hop into his blue TARDIS! The above poem... made absolutely no sense, but took so long composing that we're just gonna get right to the details. These Doctor Who Wind-Ups are great fun for any Doctor Who fan (or Whovians, as some us like to be called). Choose the Dalek, the TARDIS, or both! The Dalek features a wind up mechanism on the side and will propel forward with its head and eyestalk turning to and fro searching for humans to exterminate. The TARDIS has a pull back mechanism, which will cause the TARDIS to zip forward spinning (like it's out of control a bit). Doctor Who Wind-Ups are perfect for your desk, perfect for your heart, and perfect for you. The Doctor wants you to collect them all! Doctor Who Wind-Ups Wind up versions of the Doctor's favorite time travel device and his most hated enemy. Pull back the TARDIS and it will roll forward, spinning as it does. Wind up the Dalek and it will zoom forward, its head and eyestalk searching back and forth for people to exterminate. Ages: 5 and up. Dimensions: TARDIS - approx 4" tall Dalek - approx 3.125" tall Read More

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