Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS

Like a matchbox car, but for a Time Lord We imagine that if The Doctor were stranded on Earth for a long period of time without his real TARDIS, he'd appreciate having a smaller model to play with and admire. It's like being a kid (of any!) and having a collection of matchbox cars. You may not have a real Maserati, but this miniature one sure is sweet! Zoom zoom! Oh wait, that's the sound a Mazda makes. We're obviously not experts in such things. Anyhoo, we think a TARDISless Doctor would really love this matchbox model of his time-traveling ride. The Levitating TARDIS uses the magic of magnets (how do they work?) to make the blue police box hover inside the black base unit. With a little practice, you can gently flick the TARDIS and set it spinning. The best part? We were so excited about this... go to the nearest vending machine and purchase a bag of Skittles. Use the Skittles to create an epic battle between the Doctor and the new Daleks! As each Dalek dies, toss it in your mouth and taste the rainbow. Delicious. Product Specifications TARDIS floats like magic in mid-air with the power of magnets Spin it around and it might travel through time Hack it to fix the chameleon circuit (hey, you can TRY...) Dimensions: approx. five inches tall Requires 6AA batteries (not included) Read More

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