NUK Gerber/Nuk Wide Orthodontic Nipples - Fast Flow - Size 3 - 2 pack

Gerber/Nuk Wide Orthodontic Nipples - Fast Flow - Size3 - 2 pack The Orthodontic Nipple is the closest alternative to natural breastfeeding. It supports seamless switching from breast to bottle. Features: Fits NUK Orthodontic Bottles Orthod...ontic nipple promotes healthy teeth formation Available in Slow, Medium and Fast flow Reduces Colic Simulates and supports breastfeeding Hourglass shape allows the lips to close properly making it easier to breathe through the nose and avoid intake of air through the mouth Asymmetrical widening encourages to move their lower jaw forward which contributes to correct repositioning Ventilation hole regulates the intake of air and prevent the nipple from retracting Extra wide base mimics the shape of the natural breast Soft, clear silicone nipples Specifications: 2 Pack Read More

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