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NSI International
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It's a flying ring you can play with in the dark! -Throw your fun and durable Oglo Sports 10' Flying Ring far and wide. - Super to throw and catch. The fun does not have to stop when the sun goes down. -Hold your Oglo Flying under any light for up to 10 minutes and it will Glo in super bright colors for hours. -Oglo Sport Flying Ring is offered in 3 different Glo colors : pink orange or blue. (COLOR VARYS ON WHICH ONE YOU RECEIVE) Developmental Skills:Dexterity Locomotion Social Read More

NSI International
$52.95 at Ebeanstalk

The universe is immeasurable and always expanding. - Even the most sophisticated instruments created by top scientists to explore ...outer space have failed to measure how massive it actually is. - Now, with the Smithsonian Planetarium Projector, your son or daughter can bring the vast expanses of the universe into his or her own bedroom! - Featuring full 360 degree motorized rotation, any surface in a darkened room can be filled with nebulae, galaxies, and planets. Three included slides each contain eight high-definition images that will make children feel as if they are actually traveling through space viewing each of these amazing celestial bodies in person and learning about astronomy in the comfort of their own home - Through dazzling visuals, children will gain insight about the universe and see what we as humans have come to understand and how much there still is to be discovered. - When not taking a close-up look at the high-definition images of well-known celestial bodies, children can simply use the astronomy tool as a star projector that fills the entire room. - Since the Smithsonian Planetarium Projector for kids features 360 degree movement, the stars travel across the walls much like the stars in the real night sky. O - nce children are able to see how expansive the universe is, they may be shocked to think about the Earth as a mere speck in a much bigger outer space. Of course, being placed in the center of the universe may cause others to feel an ego boost. FEATURES: - Planetarium Projector - Image Dome - Dome Cover - 3 Changeable Slide Disks with High-Definition Images - Projects Astronomical Images on Walls and Ceilings - Full 360 Degree Motorized Rotation - Detailed Instructions - Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included) Developmental Skills:Education Read More

NSI International
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This kit delivers a volcanic eruption from inside the volcano with a super bottle and tube system. Use light hand pressure to cont...rol eruption and continuous foaming action. This set includes a - plastic volcano substructure - volcano making compound - bottle and tube eruption system - three real volcanic rocks - erupting mix - safety goggles - and detailed instructions written by a Smithsonian Institution volcanologist. Read More

NSI International
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Magic Rocks are the multicolored stones that grow under water in minutes. These beautiful crystal rocks grow to different heights ...up to 4 . - Create a Brilliant Underwater Crystal Garden! - Includes multi-colored stones, display tank, and underwater figurine. Read More

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