Nintendo Totally Spies 2 - Nintendo DS

Totally Spies! 2: Undercover continues the adventures of Clover, Alex and Sam, who are catapulted into the world of international espionage where only their wit, attitude and high-tech gadgets can help them save the world. Totally Spies! i...s the hit animated TV series that stars three teenaged girl super-spies from Beverly Hills who fight international crime. On-air since 2001, Totally Spies! is shown in more than 100 markets worldwide, including the Cartoon Network in the USA. Based on all-new episodes of the TV series and featuring 25 levels of spy-tastic sneaking, dodging and chasing down evil international men of mischief, Totally Spies! 2: Undercover combines elements of platforming, racing, flying, puzzling, hacking and battling. The DS version utilizes the system?s unique touch screen, microphone and multiplayer capabilities, including Totally Spies! chat and five mini games playable over wireless. Read More

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Nintendo DS Headset - Headset ( over-the-ear )

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Find video games at! What's for dinner? Just tap the touch screen to reveal dozens of possibilities, then gather a team... of friends or family members to help... Read More

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Find video games at! Dr. Strangeglove has kidnapped elder furi and plans to force him to reveal the power of moshi picc...hi! You'll need to rescue him and save the day! it's not going to be easy though! On the way there is a whole army of robot moshlings to defeat, backed up by some of c.l.o.n.c.'s elite bosses too. Plus you'll need to rescue the other moshi monsters and hunt down all the lost world tablet pieces. Not to mention a whole bunch of moshlings to collect! So what are you waiting for, let the fur fly! - 6 action packed worlds to explore: jump, spin, dash and bash your way through 6 monstrous worlds packed with battles, baddies... Read More

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Find video games at! Building on the success of both lego star wars videogames, lego star wars: the complete saga families to play through the events of all... Read More

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Find video games at! Kids now can step into the driver's seat to build their very own amusement park in a simulation de...veloped just for them! Kids can choose rides like the pirate ship, the super coaster, and more as they build a theme park into a huge success! Earn money by playing eight logic and puzzle games, then use the money to keep adding onto your park! Read More

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Find video games at! Oh the gloriously rich and delectable life of a chocolatier! Constantly surrounded by mounds of ch...ocolate bars and boxes of mouth-watering truffles! Become a master chocolatier one ingredient at a time as you travel the world to find the best prices and maximize production ... But don't forget about those conniving competitors who wish you poorly! Do you have what it takes to conquer the world through chocolate? Read More

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Find video games at! Based on the action-packed tv show, power rangers samurai follows a new generation of five rangers... who must master the ancient samurai symbols of power, which give them control over the elements of fire, water, sky, forest and earth. Under the guidance of their all-knowing samurai mentor, ji, and with the aid of their devoted animal zords (lion, dragon, ape, turtle and bear), they battle to save earth from the dark forces of the netherworld led by the evil master xandred. Read More

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Find video games at! Blast off to save the i spy universe! The sun is fading and your help is needed to re-fire and res...tore it's glimmering light again! Only the generator on-board your rocket can save the sun. To power the generator, travel the depths of the universe to solve i spy riddles to collect the 36 pieces to fix the generator! Along the way, earn fuel for your space travels by playing 6 brain-teasing puzzles. thq i spy universe ds Read More

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Find video games at! Mama returns in an entirely new experience that will challenge your creativity. Join mama and her ...award-winning formula of addictive, stylus-based activities as you sew, mold, paint, cut and much more. Crafting mama is the only dedicated crafting game that features 40 different craft projects so you make a new creation every time! Read More

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Find video games at! Explore nautical worlds, find kooky friends, collect, mix and match interchangeable shells and mor...e with your favorite xia-xia hermit crab characters. Xia-xia ds offers dozens of missions to find shells with your favorite xia-xia friends, bimini, turks, trinidad and tobago. Along the way you will meet kooky friends and unlock loads of secret rewards in five unique worlds across 25 levels. Read More

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Many Tanks for the Puzzle Fun! Roll out, Private! You just enlisted in hilarious puzzle fun! Squishy Tank is a an easy-to-learn,... tough-to-master puzzle game for players of all ages. Tap on identically-colored blocks in groups of three or more to earn points. Match the stage goals before time expires and you?ll emerge triumphant! Wacky items and power-ups keep the action fresh and exciting. The game also features a hilarious story that's sure to charm players with its whimsical characters and dialog. Read More

Zoo Games
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Many twists and turns, challenging levels, hours of game play / Variety of games to choose from.

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Fresh from the harvest in Gardening Mama, Mama's heading back to her kitchen roots with all new recipes, ingredient shopping, dish... combinations and multiplayer cooking challenges. Explore your inner creative chef with everyone's favorite culinary cutie! Six gameplay modes including new additions to the series: -Let's Cook: Even if you make mistakes Mama will help you complete the recipe so you can continue cooking. -Let's Eat: You?re on your own without Mama's help. Now it?s just you, the food and your hard-to-satisfy friends who will try out your creations and judge you based on how they taste. Mistakes made during preparation will affect the final taste so use caution in the kitchen! -Combine and Create: Mama's been teaching you for some time now, and she's decided it's time for you to exercise your creative muscle. Take steps and ingredients from different recipes and create your very own concoctions. -Let's Shop: Did you ever wonder where Mama gets all those fantastic ingredients? Head to the store to pick up the things you'll need to prepare so many delicious dishes. -Time Challenge: Play against up to 3 friends using local wi-fi play. Faceoff in timed cooking challenges to determine who is the fastest chef! -Picture Diary: Keep a scrapbook of your favorite dishes in this digital picture diary. Read More

UFO Interactive
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Sudoku Mania is a reason for portable puzzle fiends to rejoice! The puzzle sensation makes its debut on the Nintendo DS, with excl...usive features not found on any other console. With its time saving Touch Screen control and infinite number of puzzles this is the version of the classic puzzle game you'll want to take everywhere with you. Pick up where you left off with the puzzle saving feature Read More

Knowledge Adventure
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Escape the world around you! The Zenses series takes the very best gameplay from the puzzle and brain training genres and wraps it... up in a clean, fresh, stylish look accompanied by an ambient soundtrack to support the calm and relaxing atmosphere. Zenses enables active relaxation and is the perfect ?me time? companion, allowing the player to transcend the stresses of everyday life, unplug and experience an ?active escape?. Read More

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Uno 52 is a variation of the popular family card game. Get rid of your cards just like in Uno, but you swap them out in gameplay t...hat's similar to poker. After each hand, any players with no cards left shares the winnings with whoever has the best poker hand. It's a whole new way to play! Read More

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