NINCO NINCO Megane "HDI Gerling" Car, Lightning Edition

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Ninco Bowler Nemesis Test Car-Muddy Lightning Slot Car The bowler nemesis, a special European SUV thats often found in many rally ...races. This special 4WD NINCO version in 1/32 scale, has been decorated to look like it just came off the track. Its muddy and dirty, but it hides a mixture of NINCOs famous prorace features and specialized PKS tires. All prorace spares 3/32?, except standard bushings to improve axle tolerance (53,5mm), 17? 6-spoke EVO aluminum/magnesium wheels, aluminum pulleys - Proshock suspension (soft-red), 27z crown and 9z steel pinion. Comes with special NC-7 ?Raider? motor. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 2.5in width x 2.5in height Read More

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Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR (Vintage) Slot Car A legend in its own right within NINCO history, NINCO has recreated this most famous Mer...cedes CLK, in a new Vintage racing series. The Warsteiner livery one of the most recognized race teams is reproduced here. This car is a slot racing benchmark that opened the doors to many slot racers back in 1998, with racing features brought up to date to face the demands of the modern racer. NC-5, 20,000 rpm motor. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 2in width x 1.5in height Read More

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NINCO Chevrolet WTCC Ultra Blue 1/32 Slot Car NINCO slot cars are licensed 1/32 scale miniatures of the real car. This Chevy WTCC ...Ultra begins a new era for NINCO. NINCO 1. Specifically designed and manufactured to satisly the casual, home slot car user. It introduces the concept of slot cars as a family toy. pure simple fun. A novice needs mechanical simplicity, crash resistance and excellent performance on a home track, and this car delivers. Naturally, this car is totally compatible with all NINCO track systems including N-Digital. It even comes in a reduced size presentation case. Clearcoated, beautiful metallic paint and exterior detail abound. Powered by a special 16,000 rpm motor, for competitive track performance Dimensions: 5.09in length x 2.29in width x 1.8in height Read More

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Ninco Acura LMP2 World Cup 2010 Limited Edition Lightning Slot Car NINCOs 1/32 scale acura LMP2 NINCO world cup limited edition Li...ghtning is the 2010 commemorative edition of the most international of slot car races - the annual NINCO world cup that was raced in the Canary Islands. Presented in a fully competition ready form, ready to race out of the box, with Lexan ProRace chassis, in-line 26,000 rpm NC-10 ?Exceeder? motor, Lexan interior, 15? front and 17? rear 5 spoke ProRace Evo Aluminum/Magnesium Hubs, 3/32 titanium axle, metal gears, silicone wires, ultra low front tires and 20.5x11.5 prorace rears. packaged in clear plastic case suitable for display. Read More

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Ninco Porsche 934 SC Rally Kenwood Slot Car Blue/white NINCO presents an historic livery among world rally cars of the early 80?s ...- At the wheel of this 1/32 scale Kenwood sponsored slot car, French rally driver, Bernard Beguin. NINCO captured this stunning livery of the Porsche 934, a model that has dominated European rally slot, only the NINCO Citroen C4 has been more popular. NINCO?s 934?s were one of the first slot cars cars to carry independent suspension. Dimensions: 5in length x 2in width x 1.5in height Read More

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The Lightened cars are back. The SLS now featuring lexan body and standard pieces: axles, hubs and transmission. So this car will available in Ninco1, Sport and Lightning version depending of the drivers skills. Read More

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A mythical car as the Porsche 934 because of decorations as famous and recognizable as this one. NINCO Sport with rear wheel drive... and integral suspension. Motor NC-14. Read More

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By Kyosho RC Models<br /><br />KS203 Servo: Brand new metal gear servo has been developed for the Scorpion XXL that is water proof..., fast response and high torque output.<br />Engine Stopper: A kill switch located on the right side of the buggy allows you to easily and safely top the engine.<br />Scale Body: A full replica roll cage surrounds the replica driver and finished off with real working air vents. The art work on the body was designed by One11 Ink, giving the Scorpion XXL a new exciting look.<br />Flip Top: By removing only 4 body clips the complete body and roll cage swing open 90 degrees for easy maintenance.<br />Monster Size Shocks: The Scorpion XXL shocks are much more larger than 1/8th scale shock, giving you all terrain handling.<br />Black Chrome: The Nitro Scorpion XXL is equipped with new black chrome wheels all the way around.<br />Heavy Duty: Bullet proof drive train system with a built in slipper clutch to regulate the torque that the massive .28 produces.<br />Gull Wing: The Gull Wing type front suspension system give you a much broader stroke and more efficient damping.<br />3mm: A 3mm high grade aluminum chassis with double wall chassis brace gives you the best platform for you XXL beast. The chassis is also starter box ready right out of the box.<br />Working side cooling vents<br />Heavy duty side guards<br />All hex screws<br />2.4Ghz radio system pre-installed for fast and reliable response.<br /><br />Required For Operations:<br />8 AA Batteries<br />20% Nitro RC Fuel<br />Glow Plug Igniter and Fuel Bottle<br /><br />Technical Data:<br />Scale: 1/7<br />Length: 630mm (24.8in)<br />Width: 402mm (15.8in)<br />Height: 244mm (9.6in)<br />Wheelbase: 452mm (17.7in)<br />Gear Ration: 16:1<br />Weight: 4000g *approx Read More

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Kato N Scale Super Chief 8 Car Passenger Set - Santa Fe... FEATURES: Each car has a beautiful "stainless steel" body, The 2013 rel...ease has been released along with a brand new tooling type EMD F3A and F3B "late type pair of locomotives - the first time these locomotives will be released in this style from Kato USA, Each car is equipped with low flange wheels, KATO magnetic knuckle couplers and shock absorber construction for smooth and reliable operation and Pleasure Dome with accurate "straight-shaped dome" and Sleeper-Lounge-Observation with unique illuminated "Super Chief" tailsign and Interior of cars can be lighted with optional installation of KA-11-211 and KA-11-212 Interior Light Kit Version 2 with White LED. Set Includes: Santa Fe Passenger Set, Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Car - "Vista Cavern", ACF 4-4-2 Sleeper Car - "Regal Corps", ACF 10-6 Sleeper Car - "Palm Lore", Dormitory Lounge Car - 1344, Baggage-Express Car - 3455, Pleasure Dome Car - 502, Diner Car - 606, RPO Car - 85, Unitrack Straight Track 248mm (9 3/4") - 9 Pieces and Unitrack Straight Track with Bumper C 50.5mm (2") - 1 Piece. Read More

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Now it's easier than ever for modelers to experience Amtrak's Heritage series and build up their Amtrak passenger fleets ? introdu...cing Amfleet and Viewliner 40th Anniversary P42 bookcase bundle sets! Each N scale locomotive and car set includes one of four Amtrak 40th Anniversary Heritage scheme P42 locomotives and Amfleet II Coach, Amfleet II Coach-Cafe and Viewliner Sleeper car in Amtrak's most current Phase VI paint, all wrapped up in an elegant collector's style bookcase set. This bookcase style set is designed to complement modelers with existing train layouts (and thus does not include any track or power pack), regardless of whether you're already running primarily modern passenger equipment or are just looking to put something special on your track Read More

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Let your child's imagination speed off the starting grid with this Yellow Goldini racing pedal car. Built to last with a strong me...tal body, rubber tires and adjustable pedal positions. Perfect for the young racing car enthusiast. Read More

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Large scale buggies are very expensive and typically too large for most designated RC race tracks until the Scorpion B-XXL VE. The... dynamic Scorpion B-XXL is still a large, impressive machine, but it's built at just the right size and weight to allow it to run on most existing 1/8 off-road tracks. This new model sports a killer Class-1 style Baja Racing Buggy-style body. It features a modern flat matte black finish with smoked-tinted windows and cutting-edge One11 Graphics. Special bead-lock wheels with color-matching lock rings and scale off-road racing tires set complete the modern racing graphics package. Packaged as a Ready set, the B-XXL VE's powertrain is anchored by a specially-built 2250 Kv "Vortex 7" brushless motor. The Vortex 7 features a masterful balance of torque and RPM, giving the B-XXL VE ultra-powerful torque and race-winning top speed. Both are waterproof, so they're ready to take on the elements as well. A 2-4S LiPo battery (must be purchased separately) can power the B-XXL, although it's a 4S battery is highly recommended for best performance (or two 2S batteries). Oil-filled coil-over shocks and long-arm suspension soak up the biggest bumps for an incredibly realistic off-road racing experience. While the B-XXL is completely assembled at the factory, many aspects of the suspension can be adjusted to optimize handling. Solid steel driveshafts and a fully-functional differential transfer power to the specially-designed wheels and tires, which are mounted to machined aluminum 17mm hubs. That means that there's a huge supply of aftermarket tires and wheels available to customize the racing experience of the B-XXL. Controlling the B-XXL is one of the most advanced 2.4 GHz radios available in a factory-built racer. It features an LCD control panel with digital settings for all aspects of controller function and the radio can be used for up to 15 separate models with the purchase of additional receivers. Read More

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