Natursutten Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier - Small

Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier All Natursutten pacifiers are made from 100% pure, natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensi. Natursutten pacifiers are extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece, with no joints or cracks ...where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The larger shield prevents babies from squeezing enough to get into their mouths and these pacifiers wont leave marks on babys face. Because of their natural quality, it is recommended that these pacifiers should be replaced every 4 to 5 weeks. Features: -100% Natural -No artificial color -No chemical softeners, Bisphenol-A, parabens, PVC, and phthalate-free -Conform to Pacifier Safety requirements by European Standard EN 1400 -No allergy-causing substances -Softer than silicone -Wont leave marks on babys face -Made in Germany Read More

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