Namco Namco Pacman Battle Royale Arcade Game Machine

Feast On Your Friends Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game. The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a carnivorous twist: eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac-Man standin...g wins the round. When players eat a power pellet, they power-up by doubling in size and increasing in speed. Once powered up, they are now able to eat non powered-up blue players and ghosts. Players of the same size simply bounce off each other. Players can also be eliminated by running into ghosts if there aren't any powered up players. Eating a piece of fruit or all of the pellets resets the maze with a fresh new set of power pellets. At the end of the game, statistics are displayed for each players such as "Won Most Rounds" and "Ate Most Pac-Man", etc. The game is simple, competitive and highly addictive. Read More

Angry Birds
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The popular Angry Birds app comes to life in this epic Trophy Cup Challenge Game! Can you triumph in this fast-crashing game? You' only got 1 bird to take down the 3 pigs, and you've got to topple the egg-shaped trophy to take down the piggies on their perches! Load your kart and target the pigs just right with your launcher. When you topple the trophy you'll become the feather-flying champion of the Trophy Cup Challenge Game! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Jenga is a registered trademark of Pokonobe Associates. Read More

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Nanovor Online Battle Battle Figure Doom Blade. Made by Smith & Tinker in 2009. For Ages 7+.

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This is a first quality, tough plastic mold made by one of the leading manufacturers of candy and soap molds in the United States.... It is durable and reusable. Made of clear, environmentally friendly PETG plastic. Not for use with hard candy. Cannot be washed in dishwasher. FDA approved for use with food preparation. Not suitable for children under 3. Read More

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<p><strong>Vtech Innotab Software - Sofia</strong></p><p><ul><li>Product Measures: 0.8" x 5.4" x 6.2"</li></ul><ul><li>Recommended... Ages: 3-6 years Read More

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Have you ever wished your camera was turned more or less in a different directions? Wish NO MORE, the Covert Outlook is here! The ...Outlook is Covert's wide angled camera that has 130 degrees of view, solving any issues of not getting everything in the shot. Not only does the Outlook offer a wider view, it also has many great features/specs including 1 second flat trigger sped, 12MP pictures, large 3? display screen as well as HD video with super sound. Try one out and see first hand how the Outlook has raised the bar in the scouting camera world! Read More

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Logitech G100s Optical PC Gaming Mouse 2500 DPI Delta Zero Optical Sensor

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The POOF-Slinky 0X5478 Ideal Mexican Train Game Set is the perfect accessory for hours of train building fun with electronic whist...le sound effects. This set includes everything you need to transform any set of double twelve dominoes into the popular Mexican Train Game. Mexican Train is played with double twelve dominoes (not included) that run from double blank to double twelve. Each player picks a certain amount of dominoes to start the game. The object is to form a path called a "train" that starts from the game's electronic center "hub". The game starts with the double twelve domino and the player who plays the center domino, plays off the twelve domino to start their train. If they don?t have a move, they take a domino from the leftovers pile. If the new domino doesn?t have a play, that player marks their train open with ?train marker?. Once each player has started their train, they can either A) play on their own train, B) start the "Mexican" train in one of the empty slots by playing off the center domino or C) play on another player's train if it has a ?train marker?. Each round lasts until a player has played all their dominoes and receives a score of (0) for that round. The other players count their remaining domino values for their round score. Points from all (13) rounds are tallied at the end and the lowest score wins! The winner of the game then gets the honor of pressing the center domino to hear the ?Toot Toot? from the electronic game hub. Ideal?s Mexican Train Game Set is designed for 2-8-players and includes a patented 3D electronic game, batteries, (9) train game pieces and Mexican Train Game instructions. The Ideal brand provides a wide variety of games, activity kits, magic sets and classic toys that parents remember from their own childhood years. The POOF-Slinky 0X5478 Ideal Mexican Train Game Set is recommended for children 8-years of age and older. POOF-Slinky, Inc. is the maker of POOF, Slinky, Ideal and Scientific Explorer Brands. Visit for more information on Alex Brands and our best-selling line of educational and entertaining products for kids. Read More

Trademark Global
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Be entertained for hours with this innovative RecZone Electronic Handheld 5 in 1 Poker Game. Thanks to this deluxe poker game, " happens in Vegas" can now happen anywhere you wander. Read More

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