Mustela Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics, Stelactiv Diaper Rash Cream 2.9 fl oz (200 ml)

No. 1 Baby Care Brand in Europe. FREE of parabens, pthalates, phenoxyethenol, alcohol and essential oils For Moderate to Severe Diaper Rash Skin protectant cream with enzyme-fighting agents Fragrance-Free Contains 10% zinc oxide ~ Purifies ...~ Soothes Hypoallergenic Properties: A patented innovation, the non-occlusive formula of Stelactiv? acts directly on the main causes of diaper rash, as it: Neutralizes enzymes (lipase, protease and urease): The unique association of 3 enzyme-fighting agents helps reduce the action of the enzymes responsible for irritation, redness and discomfort of the diaper area. Pampers skin with a combination of irritant-fighting caprylyl glycol and zinc oxide. Helps facilitate a quicker recover of the epidermis (out skin layers) through the synergistic properties of D-Panthenol and Vitamin F. Provides both quick and long-term relief of discomfort and irritation with its soothing properties. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. Patented Formula Expanscience Mustela Celebrity Moms: "I am obsessed with Mustela®'s Stretch Marks Double Action. It is keeping my growing belly beautiful and stretch-mark free... I can't wait to use Mustela® Bebe products once our little one arrives in May." -Tiffani Thiessen "Can't get over how divine baby smells! Mustela Foaming Shampoo is amazing, do they make it for adults?!" -Padma Lakshmi "I wouldn't trust my babies' skin to anything but Mustela®. The products are so gentle and effective and smell amazing! I recommend Mustela® to all moms who are looking for quality skincare products for their babies." -Molly Ringwald "During my pregnancy, I never went a day witjout using Mustela®'s Stretch Marks Double Action. It worked! I'm 100% stretch mark free. On a side note, it smells amazing, which is very important due to the acute sense of smell of a pregnant woman." -Rebecca Romijn "The smell of Mustela® products reminds me of my children. It's a way of having their scent with me when I travel." -Tori Spelling "A big thanks to my friends at Mustela®! the best stretch mark cream in the world!" -Kimora Lee Simmons Questions? Visit Made in France Read More

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