Miniland Miniland Activity Dollar School Set

The Miniland Activity Dollar Set is a fun way to learn essential math skills about money. Activity Dollar comes with 3 games in a series of 3 cards each. This set comes with a total of 18 full color activity cards, plus plastic bills and co...ins (42 bills and 48 coins). Miniland's play money is accurately designed and the same size as real money. Learn to play math games that reinforce the skills everybody needs to manage money. 'Dollar Bingo' reinforces recognition of each coin and bill. By playing the 'Market Game' kids learn the values of each bill and coin by using the play money to arrive at the correct price for the items pictured on the activity cards. And the 'Comparison Game' introduces the important concepts of greater-than and less-than. The plastic activity cards and plastic money are easily wiped clean. Miniland's Activity Dollar set helps children develop visual discrimination and sorting, currency recognition, and practice value and quantity comparisons. We've even included a Teaching Guide and lesson plans. Miniland Educational, a leading toy manufacturing company with production facilities in Onil, Spain, is known worldwide for safe, high-quality educational toys. A great deal of thought and research goes into design and production of Miniland Toys, but we never forget the importance of play! Manufactured according to strict European Union safety guidelines. Suitable for use with children ages 5-7. Read More

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