Minicraft Models F-15 Usaf (2 Marking Options)

F-15 Usaf (2 Marking Options) The F-15A has served as the primary air superiority fighter for the United States Air Force since the 1980?s. Several variations of the F-15 remain active in United States Air Force inventory and numerous allie...d nations fly F-15 produced in the United States or produced under license. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 3.5in width x 2in height Read More

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Minicraft Models E-8 Joint Star USAF (2 options) 1/144 Scale The E-8 Joint Star currently serves the United States Air force for t...heatre command and control and intelligence gathering. This is the first replica of the aircraft ever offered. This plastic model assembly kit builds into a model measuring 11? wingspan. Dimensions: 13in length x 12.75in width x 3.5in height Read More

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Minicraft Models F-4E Phantom, 1/144 Scale The F-4 Phantom was developed in the late 1950?s as a missile armed fighter interceptor.... After initial deployment in the 1960?s the remarkable high-speed performance and carrying capacity of the Phantom proved it to be one of the fastest and most versatile fighters ever produced. The F-4E added a 20mm cannon for enhanced air-to-air combat capability. The Minicraft F-4 Phantom kit features markings representing the F-4E during the Viet Nam war, with additional marking options that include United States Air National Guard markings and markings for the Royal Australian Air Force. Dimensions: 5.25in length x 3.25in width x 1.5in height Read More

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Pby 5A Catalina USN (2 Options) 1/144 Scale The PBY Catalina served the United States Navy and allied nations throughout WWII and ...continued to serve long after the end of the war. The PBY-5 was used as a maritime patrol bomber for anti-submarine patrol and air-sea rescue service. Dimensions: 8.5in length x 5in width x 2.25in height Read More

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Minicraft Models B-24D Liberator Polesti Raider, 1/72 Scale The B-24 was produced in greater quantities than any other aircraft in... WWII. The B-24D was the early version of the B-24 that served in all theatres of operation during WWII.This model kit represents the United Sates Army Air Force B-24D used during the allied air attack on Axis oil refineries in Ploesti Rumania. Dimensions: 11.75in length x 18.25in width x 2.25in height Read More

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Vc-137 Usaf Freedom One (2 Marking Options) At the dawn of the jet age the B-707 was among the most advanced aircraft of the era. ...Retired commercial 707 aircraft were bought by the United States Air Force and used for priority transport of high-value material and VIP transportation. The First Airlift Squadron of the 89? Air Wing operated these aircraft from Andrews AFB. This plastic assembly kit includes markings for the VC-137C, one of the last VC-137 aircraft assigned to the Air Mobility Command. Dimensions: 13in length x 12.75in width x 3.5in height Read More

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The last new B-52H was delivered in 1963 but the B-52 continues to serve today and is likely to continue to do so for decades to c...ome. The B-52 has evolved from a high altitude atom bomber as originally designed, to a high altitude bomb truck as deployed in Viet Nam to a modernized weapon system of today that can deliver tons of ordinance on target using smart bombs or un-guided dumb bombs. The new Minicraft B-52H represents the B-52 early in its career as a unit of the elite Strategic Air Command atom bomb armed sentinel of the cold war, and as a middle aged bomb truck as deployed over the skies Viet Nam. Paint colors needed: Black, White, Aluminum, and Burnt Metal. Read More

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The Beechcraft Bonanza V-35 is known as the Cadillac of private aircraft because it provided the operator excellent performance, h...igh speed, comfort and reliability. Over 17,000 were manufactured and thousands are in operation daily world-wide. With a flat 6 cylinder horizontally opposed engine the Bonanza V-35 can reach speeds of over 200 mph. Production of the V tail bonanza ended in 1982 but standard tail Bonanzas are still in production. Read More

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The JU-88 was developed as a dive-bomber and adapted for use as a medium bomber and was used throughout WWII by the German Luftwaf...fe. The versatile JU-88 was also found to be a rugged airplane that could be adapted to many missions not originally envisioned when first designed. One adaptation to the JU-88 was a heavily armed fighter used to defend the Reich as the allied air offensive against Germany progressed. The Minicraft JU-88C features tooling representing the early solid nose JU-88C with forward firing gun armament and markings representing defense of the Reich markings. Read More

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Sweet As Me African-American Doll Dress up, hair styling, role-play - these trendy toddlers are ready for it all. Perfect for beco...ming a girls first best friend, they wear stylish outfits design to match girls interests and whimsy. Darling dresses are accessorized with sassy shoes (from sandals to boots to party shoes), headpieces (either a hat or headband) and fun embellishments, such as shiny skirts, fun decals, and flower accents. Choose from a Precious Princess, Uptown Sweetie, Beary Cozy, Party Sweetie, Ballet Bright and Floral Boho dolls. Little mommies will love taking these girls around town to see the sights and to be seen - theyre too cute not to inspire beaming pride! Which one will become your little mommys best friend? Each sold separately. Ages 2 and older. Features: Dress up, hair styling, role-play - these trendy toddlers are ready for it all with their new best friend! Perfect for becoming a girls first best friend, they wear stylish outfits design to match girls interests and whimsy Stylish outfits include darling dresses with fun embellishments Sassy shoes range from sneaks to boots to party shoe Includes one Little Mommy doll Recommended Ages: 4-10 years Product Measures: 8.5 x 5 x 14.5 ? Imported- China Read More

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Stack the cows, but dont let them tip over! New Twist on Classic Gameplay Great for Travel Easy to Learn and Play Dimensions: 4.5i...n length x 4.5in width x 6in height Read More

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Pokemon Black and White Takaratomy M Figure - M-136 - Jolteon/Thunders Jolteon/Thunders, known as the Lightning Pokemon, is one of... the evolutions of Eevee that is caused by radiation from a Thunderstone. Jolteon is covered with spiky, bright yellow fur, with white spiky fur surrounding its neck. Its fur sparks with electricity constantly; it can be soft to the touch or turn into sharp needles that can be fired when it is angered. Jolteon is able to gather negative ions from the atmosphere, using the resulting electricity to create lightning bolts of up to 10,000 volts. Its individual cells also create small electrical charges on their own, which can result in powerful electric-type attacks. It is very sensitive, which causes it to constantly charge as it quickly changes moods. Recommended Ages:3 ? 15 Dimensions: 2in length x 2in width x 2in height Weight: 0.07lb Read More

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Takaratomy Pokemon Monster Collection M Figures - M-105 - Jirachi Jirachi is a legendary Pokemon that possesses telepathic and tel...ekinetic abilities, including the ability to levitate. Imported from Japan. Cute and collectible. Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans. Comes with rotating stand. New and sealed inside retail packaging. Recommended Ages:3 ? 7 Dimensions: 2in length x 2in width x 2in height Read More

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Get to Know the Elements! From the brilliant mind of Japanese artist Bunpei Yorifuji comes Wonderful Life with the Elements, an il...lustrated guide to the periodic table that gives chemistry a friendly face. In this super periodic table, every element is a unique character whose properties are represented visually: heavy elements are fat, man-made elements are robots, and noble gases sport impressive afros. Every detail is significant, from the length of an elements beard to the clothes on its back. Youll also learn about each elements discovery, its common uses, and other vital stats like whether it floats?or explodes?in water. Why bother trudging through a traditional periodic table? In this periodic paradise, the elements are people too. And once youve met them, youll never forget them. Includes pull-out poster! Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/14/2012 Pages: 208 Author: Bunpei Yorifuji Publisher: No Starch Press Dimensions: 6.7in length x 1.16in width x 8.85in height Weight: 13.12 oz Read More

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Traxxas 2065 Sub-Micro Waterproof Servo This is a stock Traxxas Sub-Micro servo used for the shifting components of Traxxas It features a Futaba J style lead and waterproof construction. Recommended Ages:15 and up Read More

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Toysmith 4M Mammoth Excavation Kit #3553 Excavate your very own mammoth skeleton from a mound of clay. Everything you need to exca...vate and assemble your model mammoth. Assembled size is 8.25 tall. Recommended Ages:8 ? 15 Weight: 1.75 lb Read More

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Heres a light way to talk to children about that old nuisance head lice. Rhyming verses describe how one little girl gets head lic...e and how she and her parents get rid of them. Kids will enjoy the rollicking cartoon cooties playing hide-and-seek and having a party in the girls hair until they are sent packing. Notes on each page provide detailed, factual information about head lice. Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 3/1/2002 Pages: 24 Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Author: Donna Caffey Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company Dimensions: 9.99in length x 7.94in width x 0.12in height Weight: 3.36oz. Read More

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Python for Kids: Introduction to Programming NULL Author: Jason R. Briggs Publisher: No Starch Press Dimensions: 7in length x 0.9i...n width x 9.25in height Weight: 26.4 oz Read More

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Mother Daisy spends most of her day tending to her beautiful garden. Father Leo is a carpenter for Cloverleaf Corners. Brother plays the drums in his schools marching band. Sister Betsy likes to spend time with her friends. Product Measures: Recommended Ages: 36 months - Weight: 0.4 lb Read More

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