Microsoft Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Bundle with 3 Games and Accessories

Xbox 360 is ready for tomorrow with a leaner look and a sleek black finish. With built-in wi-fi, you can connect instantly to the world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where HD movies and TV stream in an instant. It's ready for the controlle...r-free experiences of Kinect?, where you don't just play the game, you are the game. The huge hard drive has plenty of space to store your favorite games and movies. Xbox 360 is more games, entertainment and fun. ? Xbox 360 E Console: The new console is sleeker and quieter with a stylish design that will be the centerpiece of your home entertainment system. ? Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive: The internal 250GB hard drive allows you to save your games and store television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, levels, demos and more extras available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. ? Built in Wi-Fi: The new Xbox 360 is the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built in for a faster and easier connection to Xbox LIVE. Download or stream HD movies, TV episodes, and games from Xbox LIVE Marketplace in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound from anywhere in the house (compatible with b/g/n networks). ? Kinect? Ready: Kinect makes YOU the controller. With a dedicated, specialized port, the Xbox 360 250GB is built to connect seamlessly with the Kinect sensor and have you up off the couch and into the world of Kinect in no time. ? Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: This award-winning, high-performance wireless controller features the Xbox Guide Button for quick, in-game access to friends and music. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of 30 hours on two AA batteries. ? Xbox 360 Composite A/V cable: Use Xbox 360 on standard-definition televisions using this connection over traditional composite connectors. Play high-quality audio with the included stereo connector. ? Xbox LIVE: Xbox LIVE brings a whole world of entertainment possibility right to your Xbox 360. Play with friends online, and watch streaming movies and TV from Zune and Netflix, all in crystal-clear HD. Watch live sporting events and check out highlights form your favorite team on ESPN. You'll find loads of your favorite music from and the ability to connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter right on the best screen in the house. Bundle Includes: Xbox 360 E 250GB console 1 Black Wireless Controller Composite A/V cable 3.5MM Power supply Power cord One Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Halo 4 Tomb Raider Call of Duty: Ghosts 4 in 1 Accessory Pack includes: Remote, HDMI Cable, Silicone Case for Controller, Battery Pack and Charging Cable Read More

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The first full-body, controller-free sports game that lets you physically compete with friends over Xbox LIVE, ?Kinect Sports? is real, you will almost feel the wind in your hair as you fly over hurdles and the sand in your toes as you set, bump and spike your way to volleyball victory. With six full sports ?Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Track and Field, Boxing, Bowling and Table Tennis ? ?Kinect Sports? is the only title with a Team vs. Team mode, allowing the whole family to play in a fast-paced tournament style competition. Video Game Condition: NewBattery no battery usedGenre: Family, Fitness, Sports ,Fitness Supported Features: Xbox 360 Kinect Release Date: November 4, 2010 Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Read More

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Model Compatibility: Xbox 360Rechargeable: YesPackage Quantity: 2 Warranty Description: 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with the Xbox 360 wireless controller. With a range of 30', its wireless technol...ogy gives you freedom of movement without any wire clutter. The left and right shoulder buttons enhance playing convenience. This video game controller delivers precise movements and actions during game play with its 8-way direction controls, pressure-point triggers and thumb sticks. You can easily connect up to 4 of these wireless controllers to a single console. This Xbox 360 wireless controller comes with an integrated headset port for use with PC headsets and Xbox LIVE play. Powered by 2 AA batteries, this video game controller gives you up to 40 hours of game play. Features:Wireless technology allows you to play from anywhere in the room Invite your friends and use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console Great new look with a matte black finish and gloss accents Number of Controllers: 1Controller Features: Wireless, Right- or Left-Handed DesignWireless Technology: Wireless USBModel Compatibility: Xbox 360Includes: Wireless ControllerPower Source: Battery-PoweredDimensions: 1.0 " L x 1.0 " W x 1.0 " T Weight: 1.0 Lb.Warranty Description: 3 Year Limited Manufacturer WarrantyBattery Required, included: 2 AA Read More

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With Kinect Sports, anyone can become the next star of the living room, and its fun no matter how fit you are. Add your style to a...ny of the six action-packed games - Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field, Bowling, Table Tennis or Boxing - with Full Body Play. Compete against yourself to set a personal best or win as a team. Either way, you will unlock new content and thrills as you play. Features include: ?Kick to Score ?Return with power ?Hurdle to the gold Read More

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Features include: ?Halo 3: ODST contains 1,750 new Xbox LIVE achievement points, as well as new weapons, technology and an invite join the Halo: Reach beta in 2010. ?Stand-alone expansion to Halo 3 that doesnt require ownership of the previous game to play. ?New campaign, hero and tactics from the Halo universe as players take on the role of a rookie in the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers sent into New Mombasa. ?4-player co-op Firefight mode offers a whole new way to play Halo with friends both via system link and over Xbox LIVE. ?Along with all the existing Halo 3 maps, ODST contains three new multiplayer Halo 3 maps: Heretic, Longshore, and Citadel. Read More

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Offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with purchase of this product or may require additional fees All pre-ow...ned games are repackaged and guaranteed to work All pre-owned discs are refurbished and resurfaced Game may not include original artwork and/or manual Includes three hit games in one package: LIMBO, Trials HD and Splosion Man Defy the laws of Nature in Trials HD, set off on a visually beautiful and emotionally haunting journey in LIMBO and try to contain yourself around the hilarious antics of Splosion Man Help a boy discover the secrets behind his sister's fate and answer the biggest questions in life in LIMBO Take on more than 50 intense tracks in two unique game modes in Trials HD Splode off the walls and invite a friend to join the combustion through Splosion Man's 50 multiplayer levels Read More

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Offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with purchase of this product or may require additional fees All pre-ow...ned games are repackaged and guaranteed to work All pre-owned discs are refurbished and resurfaced Game may not include original artwork and/or manual Adopt, train and take care of cuddly, loveable exotic animals ? all using your own movements and voice Pick out your new furry friend from a litter of five adorable animals Pet and hug your Kinectimal with your own hands, just like you would a real animal Name your Kinectimal and teach it to respond to your voice and commands Bring your cub to exciting competitions and show off how well you trained it Help your cub achieve greatness as you use your own strength to guide it over, around and through a challenging obstacle course Take home a limited edition Kinectimals plush doll, and watch it come to life on screen when you scan its tag with your Kinect sensor Read More

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Offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with purchase of this product or may require additional fees All pre-ow...ned games are repackaged and guaranteed to work All pre-owned discs are refurbished and resurfaced Game may not include original artwork and/or manual Experience the first four stories from the Harry Potter series with LEGO-style gameplay Play as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or any of more than 100 characters Cast spells, mix potions, soar on broomsticks, attend classes and complete tasks to earn house points and win the House Cup Explore favorite locations from the Harry Potter series like Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest and Diagon Alley Wander the halls and grounds of LEGO Hogwarts Castle ? an immersive 3D environment that is the largest and most-detailed LEGO game location ever constructed Whip up some magical fun with a friend and adventure through Harry's first four years at Hogwart's as a team with drop-in, drop-out, co-op and online co-op play Read More

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Offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with purchase of this product or may require additional fees All pre-ow...ned games are repackaged and guaranteed to work All pre-owned discs are refurbished and resurfaced Game may not include original artwork and/or manual Journey back in time and put on the cape and cowl of a young and unrefined Batman as you face a defining moment in your early career as a crime fighter that sets your path to becoming the Dark Knight Encounter a variety of important characters for the first time and forge key relationships that will shape Batman's destiny Explore an expanded Gotham City before the rise of its most dangerous criminals and vile villains came to pass as you delve into an original prequel storyline Read More

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Earn valuable strategies that set you up for every action-packed mission, and learn information on the entire single-player storyl...ine with the complete walkthrough Get to know the three playable characters ? Michael, Franklin and Trevor ? so you can make your moves with the knowledge of each personality, motivation and skill set Skyrocket to success with the help of mission maps, which identify key objectives, specify targets and chart the best route to victory, along with complete coverage of off-mission activities and sophisticated mini games Explore every square mile of the vast world, which is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combined, with the guide's maps Read More

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Get into the game with the Sharkoon X-Tatic Air Gaming Wireless Headset (Xbox 360/PS3/PC). This Sharkoon X-Tatic Gaming Headset is... made with 2.4GHz transmission technology to make both voices and game sounds clear and concise. The wireless technology means gamers can move around the room even as they are playing. The 10-meter radius lets them roam away from the console or the transmitter unit. The NiMN batteries give players up to 10 hours of gaming time before they need to be changed. The Sharkoon Headset is designed for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but it can also be used with the Wii and with a PC. The headset is also compatible with many television sets using the RCA audio outputs. Whether you want to play video games while you chat with friends or watch a movie without disturbing those around you, the Sharkoon X-Tatic Air Gaming Wireless Headset (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) is what you need. 2.4GHz transmission technology Works with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and more Range: 10m Battery Life: 10 h Read More

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Skip Dr. Repair Combo for Xbox 360? The patented FlexiWheel with its unique microfrictional surface repairs a thin protective laye...r on the Xbox 360? discs within the safe buffer zone Process smoothes abrasions and removes dirt and grime to renew the disc's Works gently enough to re Read More

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Enhance Your Gaming Pleasure With Xbox 360 Analog Stick Covers The Alphaline Trade Analog Stick Covers for Xbox 360 provide you ultimate gaming comfort and control. These silicon caps fit over the analog joystick of the Xbox 360 to make hours and hours of playing as enjoyable as possible. You don't have to worry about excessive wear and tear on your analog button because these caps will provide excellent protection even though long play times. The covers are easy to put on and easy to take off when necessary. Best of all, they are protected with a one-year warranty. The Xbox 360 Analog Stick Covers are perfect for the diehard gamer. If you like to spend hours, days or even months playing your favorite video games on your Xbox console, you want to make sure your equipment holds up. With these special accessories, you know your analog controller will last as long as you need it to for all the gaming fun you can stand. The Alphaline Trade Analog Stick Covers for Xbox 360 are silicon caps that fit perfectly on the analog joystick You can make sure your analog button will hold up as long as you need it to by protecting it with these amazing covers The silicon caps are easy to attach to the analog joystick for your Xbox 360, but they are also easy to take of when you need them removed You can play your Xbox 360 as long as you like without sacrificing comfort or damaging your equipment with these specially designed analog stick covers These covers are protected under a one-year warranty Read More

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Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit Wins the Game Avoid a gaming disaster with the Alphaline Trade Play and Charge Kit for Xbox 360. It's... every gamer's worst nightmare: You're about to pass a level that has been haunting you for weeks, and you've finally figured it out. You're in the very last minutes of the final battle, and victory is imminent. In a blink of an eye, all is lost because the battery in your controller died. Well, this kit comes with a resilient, powerful NI MH battery to make sure it never happens again. Not only does the Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit give you 23 hours of play per charge, it lets you play while you charge. You don't have to haul your whole living room towards the console. The 5.9-foot cable allows you to enjoy your game without compromising your comfort. So go ahead and plug in the charger, sink into your seat and conquer. The Alphaline Trade Play and Charge Kit for Xbox 360 charges your console while you play. Your game will never be ruined by a dead battery again. Every full battery gives you 23 hours of gaming time. You don't have to abandon your favorite spot to sit closer to the console while it charges. The charging cable is 5.9 foot long. Charge and play while you relax. The NI MH battery has a capacity of 1200mAh, three times the capacity of normal batteries. 1 year warranty Read More

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Get the most out of your gameplay with The Arsenal Xbox 360 headset. Fully adjustable Comfortable, soft padding Clear quality soun...d Flexible boom microphone can be adjusted for precise placement Connects directly to your Xbox controller Volume and mute controls Color: White Read More

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