Microsoft Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Game Guide) - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

It's down to the wire, and Lightning only has this one chance to redeem herself and save her soul. It's going to take grit, it's going to take guts and it's going to take a heart full of courage and rock-hard determination. With the clock w...inding down, all she can do is keep fighting until that last second runs out. Sometimes, every second matters. And sometimes, the only way to save your own soul is to save everyone else's first. Prima Games' official strategy guide to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is overflowing with helpful hints that will help you succeed in the ultimate quest of soul-saving. Comprehensive walkthroughs detail every mission in each main and side quest with clear and concise solutions to help you achieve completion. Become well-versed in the game's key systems and features with the strategy and analysis section, and unearth every secret, New Game+ bonus, unlockable, Trophy and Achievement with the dedicated Extras chapter. Extensive lists and tables in the Bestiary and Inventory chapters provide all-encompassing details on all enemies, weapons, shields, garbs, accessories, shops and items, so you can make sure you're well-equipped to take down whatever comes your way. While the strategies in the guide are helpful, they are carefully designed to eliminate unnecessary story spoilers, so you can still enjoy the game as it is intended. So grab your weapon and get ready to fight with this guide at your side, you stand a chance at completing your quest. Read More

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