MD Sports MD Sports Fastline 7FT Air Powered Hockey Table with Bonus Table Tennis Top

Fastline 7FT Air Powered Hockey Table with Bonus Table Tennis Top Bonus 1/2" 3 piece table tennis top extra large play surface with 3 in rail LED scorers to keep track of the action 110V motor for fast air action Sturdy box legs with full p...anel supports Adjustable leg levelers Includes all accessories needed to play both games Assembled dimensions 84"x48"x32" weight 218 lbs 2 visitors found this helpfulsome times you don't get what you pay for I bought the the model 18407 air hockey table. I took a chance purchasing this and was very dissapointed. The plastic corners and edges that the puck came into contact with all cracked and chipped easily. Now it is a 500 dollar boat anchor. My advice is go somewhere else and buy a nice table. by hudsonrGrovetown, GA | Thu, Oct 25, 2012 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 2 visitors found this helpfulLow imported quality but not terrible for the right price I purchased this product as a xmas gift during a deal that had it priced less than half retail. At that price I would say I feel I got what I paid for. It's great for kids but don't expect it to last 20 years or be the centerpiece of a mancave. If you're looking for the latter - spend a few more and steer clear of this imported item of medium quality. A few key points: - The table is poorly constructed and architected. It's cheap/thin MDF that could easily be accidently broken by a wayward sized body hitting it. The top of the table is dirty, not 'smooth' and looks like it sat in a factory a while. - The construction requires a bit of an art to put it together well. Not an issue for those who enjoy this kind of thing. - The table tennis comes in 3 sections that go together. The 'net' posts tear this table appart when you attach them (something you do each time you put the table together). Just a poor design here as well. The paddles look like they came out of shop class (we already replaced them with 2 new ones plus new balls as the ones it comes with are shaped a bit like eggs without bounce. You CAN pick this up in an SUV (fit in 08 Chevy Tahoe) but realize - it's a real close fit w/back seats out and middle seats folded down! Yes the trunk closed! Suburban would be no issue at all. If you can fit a 4x8 this box should fit. by IndyGuyanytown, IN | Tue, Jan 17, 2012 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Medal sports fastline hockey table was not what I expected. Whe I got the table home after getting it in the house I noticed the corner was broken (corner pockets are made of plastic). Being that it was Christmas eve I went ahead and super glued it back together. This was a pain to put together and the wood is very thin so once you do get it together and flip the table over the wood will most likely split or crack as ours did (we had to reinforce it ourselves with better wood). I suppose this is what I get for a last minute gift and for the price. by pitunaMount Clemens, MI | Mon, Jan 9, 2012 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Not what it looks like this table looks great until you put it together and try to play it. Fan is not large enough. Puck does not glide at all. Legs on table are allready pulling out of the mdf. Ping pong paddles are cheap. The table itself in three piece but they are different thinknesses so they do not line up(even with dowels installed). Also, when I picked it up the box was thrashed. I knew I should have opened it and looked. The table itself is broken at the corner. Really broken, unrepairable. This was a Christmas night experience I wish I could take back. I had to put it together even broken because it was a big gift for our boys. I have not shopped Sears in a long while, I guess I learned the hard way. T by BlindzZRoseville, CA | Thu, Jan 5, 2012 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 1 visitors found this helpfulPoor Product Recieved this as a gift - and I'm taking it back. The surface is rough and the fan is underpowered, so the puck gets stuck often. Not sure what the factory was Read More

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