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Sound Beginnings
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Sound Beginnings is the perfect gift for any expectant mom and is the ideal gift for baby showers. Designed for modern women Sound... Beginnings is the best and safest way to share music and voice with baby to be. Experts and moms selected Sound Beginnings as the most comfortable and convenient way for moms to be to share music with their prenatal babies. Share an emotional bonding experience safely and easily with Sound Beginnings. Our innovative, patent pending design incorporates high-quality speakers into a comfortable double-ply fabric band. There is no assembly or disassembly required and the entire product is machine washable, speakers and all. Sound Beginnings connects to any MP3, including the iPod, and the volume output is limited to a level safe for baby. Sound Beginnings fits easily under clothing and is comfortable enough to be worn all day. Experts and Moms-to-be have awarded Sound Beginnings to be the BEST in its class. Read More

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#1 pharmacist recommended brand. Digital Pregnancy Test Church/Dwigh Follow complete instructions inside box. Remove Overcap and w...ait for the steady clock symbol to appear on the Display Screen. Results interpreted right on the stick in a digital readout. Store in a dry place below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). Do not freeze. Uses: FIRST RESPONSE GOLD has a proprietary gold technology that is so sensitive, it actually detects two different forms of the pregnancy hormone, including the variant that better predicts early pregnancy. Results 5 Days Sooner Than Day of Missed Period. Decisive YES + or - NO readout. 99% Accurate** at Detecting Typical Pregnancy Hormone Levels. This kit contains 2 FIRST RESPONSE Digital Pregnancy Test sticks and instructions (in English and Spanish). *FIRST RESPONSE detects the pregnancy hormone 5 days sooner than the day of your missed period (4 days before day of expected period). **99% accurate of detecting typical hormone levels. Note that hormone levels vary. See insert. For in-vitro diagnostic use. Not to be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children. Read More

Wallach Surgical Devices
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The Fetal2EMR is an exceptional value. With a highly visible color display which can be set in three modes. Twins monitoring with optional battery for portability and the ability to connect with EMR systems through the use of Insight software make... Read More

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Monitor your babies heart beat right from home This handy portable fetal doppler detects the fetal heart rate quickly from about 1...0-12 weeks through labor and its safe and simple to use Read More

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NYO1055: Features: -Belt.-Available in Velcro Closure or Button Hole Closure models.-Used to keep fetal monitors in place.-Made of... soft, comfortable fabric.-Lightweight and cool for minimal perspiration.-With a Velcro attachment or an adjustable buttonhole closure.-Button Hole - 2.5'' soft, latex-free, elastic belt comfortably holds fetal monitor in place.-Velcro - 1.38'' soft, latex-free, elastic belt comfortably holds fetal monitor in place.-Button hole closure.-Unit of measure: 50 Pair.-Machine washable, air-dry flat. Color/Finish: -Color: Pink / Baby Blue. Dimensions: -Button Hole: 44'' length.-Velcro: 34'' length. Read More

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CLIA WaivedDipstickResult time: 1 minute for positive results.Built-in control for accuracy.Dipstick, for use with urine only.Not ...made with natural rubber latex. Read More

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