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Pharmaca Prenatal Vitamins & Nutrition

Garden of Life
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Finally, a Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified prenatal multi with absolutely no synthetic binders and fillers, made ...only from real, nutritious foods.Where Do Vitamins Come From?Hint: They don't grow on trees. Most multivitamins are made from lab-created synthetic chemicals, called ?isolates.? These vitamins mimic what?s found in nature. Garden of Life introduces Kind Organics, a different kind of multivitamin. We harvest over 30 organic fruits, vegetables and herbs such as organic kale, organic broccoli, organic parsley, organic apples and organic blueberries?to make the first and only Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified multivitamin from real, nutritious food.Kind Organics was created with you in mind, offering gender and age specific formulas as well as targeted nutrients to meet your specific needs. Read More

Nordic Naturals
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Supports healthy development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems*Provides 450 mg of DHA, exceeding the minimum reco...mmendations (300 mg) of daily DHA intake*A woman?s demand for DHA increases during pregnancy. DHA is essential for the proper development of infants and children, and offers mood and nerve support for mothers.*Prenatal DHA is a convenient and effective way to ensure that mothers and their growing babies get enough of this vital nutrient every day. Surpassing all international standards for purity, freshness, and concentration, Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA provides the benefits of omega-3 fats without the risk of toxicity. Ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers, these unflavored softgels are half the size of standard soft gels, and are perfect for the most sensitive palate. Prenatal DHA provides the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prev Read More

New Chapter
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A whole-food multivitamin for mothers-to-be. Provides nourishment to support healthy pregnancies.Product Benefits: Made with organ...ic vegetables and herbsFormulated specifically to nourish mother and babyEasily digested, even on an empty stomachGluten free100% vegetarianNon-GMO Project VerifiedNew Chapter?s Perfect Prenatal multivitamins don?t simply focus on nutritional deficiencies?they target specific systems of the body, nourishing both mothers and babies.* Babies receive the nutrients they need to grow and develop through pregnancy, while mothers receive vitamins that support breast health and estrogen metabolism.* New Chapter?s Perfect Prenatal is a probiotic, whole-food complex multivitamin that blends whole foods and herbs to nourish mothers, providing targeted levels of complex folate.* Perfect Prenatal contains organic vegetables like broccoli, kale and other sprouts that provide critical nutrients needed to support a healthy pregnancy.*To promote easy digestion on an empty stomach, the veg Read More

New Chapter
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A natural, whole-food multivitamin perfect for expectant mothers. Product Benefits: Made with organic vegetables and herbsFormulat...ed specifically to nourish mother and babyEasily digested, even on an empty stomachGluten free100% vegetarianMothers-to-be can support health and wellness throughout their entire pregnancy with New Chapter?s Perfect Prenatal Trimester supplement.* New Chapter formulated Perfect Prenatal Trimester with organic broccoli, kale, cruciferous sprouts and safe Class 1 herbs, giving mothers and their babies a dose of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.* Perfect Prenatal contains vitamins A, C, D3, E and K, folate, iron and more to nourish the mother?s body and support the healthy development of the baby.* Because New Perfect Prenatal Trimester is a probiotic whole-food complex, it?s easy to digest and may even be taken on an empty stomach.* This convenient once-daily prenatal multivitamin is key for mothers hoping to support their developing babies with a safe, natural prenatal vi Read More

Rainbow Light
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Embrace Prenatal 35+TM is the only multivitamin formulated specifically for women age 35+ who are trying to conceive, pregnant or ...nursing. Embrace provides optimal potencies of nutrients that are critical to baby?s healthy development, and 35+ mom?s unique nutritional needs, with vitamins, minerals, superfoods and botanicals that nourish and protect mom and baby, help relieve discomfort and energize mom naturally throughout the day.* Plant-source enzymes and live probiotics ease digestion, and non-constipating iron is gentle on the stomach.* Embrace Prenatal 35+TM has no gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, fish or shellfish. It is easy to swallow, vegetarian, sugar-free, 100% natural and contains no artificial additives. The Only Prenatal Multivitamin Specially Formulated for 35+ Women!Contains targeted, essential nutrients in optimal potencies that nourish and protect 35+ mom and baby throughout conception, pregnancy and nursing, including 800 mcg of Folic Acid, critical for preventing birt Read More

Vital Nutrients
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Women?s multi-vitamin/mineral formula with potent antioxidants-specifically formulated for pregnancy and lactation* -therapeutic d...ose of Folic Acid, 1mg -includes potent antioxidants* PRENATAL MULTI-NUTRIENTS is a high potency multi-vitamin/mineral and trace element formula that was formulated for women during pregnancy. It provides the highest nutritional value for all systems of the body. It is a bioavailable, gentle formula that is well tolerated by most individuals.**This is a statement of nutritional support. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Read More

Garden of Life
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As a pregnant woman, you want only the best for your unborn baby?and so does Garden of Life?. Specifically designed to meet the un...ique needs of women during pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation,? Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal is raw, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free.Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal BenefitsThis unique formula is specially designed to provide immune support for BOTH mom and baby not only during pregnancy, but after birth as well: ?Supports the immune system of your unborn child?Supports the immune system of Mom and her newborn baby?Supports healthy digestion and elimination with Probiotics, Ginger, Vitamin D, and Zinc?Helps ease common digestive discomforts typically associated with pregnancy? Supports heart and blood health with Iron, Vitamins C, E, and B-Complex, plus Folate?Supports healthy neural tube development with 800mcg of Folate? Supports skin health with Vitamins A and C, Copper and Iron?Why Choose Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal?With Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal, you can rest assure Read More

Emerald Labs
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PRENATALSuperior Prenatal Vitamin & Mineral. Clinical Hi-Potency Formula plus Gentle Iron and double the amount of Coenzyme Folic ...Acid, tailored to meet the specific health needs of pregnant and lactating women.*Dr. Stengler's Keys for Effective Health:Contains Coenzyme Activated Forms of B2 (R-5-P), B6 (P-5-P) & Folic Acid (L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate).Contains All Natural Mixed Carotenoids, Tocopherols & Tocotrienols - most multi's do not contain ALL of these naturally occurring blends.Contains Lutein, Lycopene, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 & Grapeseed Extract.Contains AlbionTM Mineral Chelates ? The Gold Standard in Mineral Chelates.Studies have shown that 10-15% of the population have a genetic defect that prevents efficient conversion of Folic Acid into its active metabolite.7 Points of QualityRaw Whole-Food Based Formulas for Enhanced Absorption & BioavailabilityFormulated by Dr. Mark StenglerTherapeutic Doses with Clinical Results100% Additive-Free ? No Magnesium StearateGluten-Free Read More

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