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Finally, a book that demystifies our daunting education system by giving parents the insights and strategies they need to build po...sitive relationships with teachers and connect to their children s learning in productive ways. Involved Parents = Better Students How do you ensure your child gets the best education possible when U.S. schools have become overburdened, test-driven institutions that rank only average worldwide? Decades of research confirm that when parents engage with their children s learning, kids do better in school and life. This straight-talking guide helps you: ? understand the critical role you play in your child s education, ? connect with educators in respectful ways, ? encourage a love of reading in your kids, ? minimize homework meltdowns and disorganization, ? support students who struggle academically, ? help children navigate social situations and bullying, and ? fuel your child s mind and body for learning. Parent involvement looks different for every family and every child. Packed with real stories and tested strategies, The Parent Backpack demystifies our complex education system and gives you the insights you need to help your kids thrive. Read More

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