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Monster High: 13 Wishes - Nintendo Wii U Monster High: 13 Wishes WiiU Gamers will play as their favorite freaky-fab ghoul as they jump climb and swing through multiple magical levels to save Monster High and their ghoulfriends. •Play as you...r favorite freaky-fab ghoul as you jump, climb and swing through 12 multiple magical levels to save Monster High and your ghoulfriends •Journey inside the magic lamp to save the school and your friends •Play as your favorite Monster High characters and use their unique Freaky Flaws to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies •Combine characters' skills and use teamwork to solve puzzles and save the school •Choose multiple difficulty settings to Match Your Skills Read More

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Monster High: 13 Wishes WII-U

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Monster High fans will be whisked away on a voltageous adventure in Monster High 13 Wishes The Official Game. Gamers will play as ...their favorite freaky-fab ghoul as they jump, climb and swing through multiple magical levels to save Monster High and their ghoulfriends. Read More

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The seven seas are about to get nuts in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked! As the classic Chipmunk characters--and the sassy C...hipettes--you'll sing and dance along with classic hits in an aquatic story pulled straight from the movie. From Majesco. Read More

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Find video games at! There's a whole lot of stuff to do during the last week of summer vacation and phineas and ferb wa...nt to do it all! Join these charismatic brothers of invention as they create, travel and explore in their quest for artifacts to fill out the museum of cool. Perry the pet platypus, aka double agent p, has their backs when bumbling villain dr. Doof enshmirtz unleashes his latest obscure -inator devices designed to take over the entire tri-state area! Play as phineas, ferb, and perry/agent p as you interact with supporting characters from the show including dr. Doofenshmirtz, candace, isabella, buford and whiz kid baljeet.... Read More

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Find video games at! Only the premier global fitnesss brand can offer you an interactive experience so big it spans the... earth! For the first time ever, zumba takes you on a cultural joyride around the world in zumba fitness world party! Travel the world with celebrity zumba instructors, move to a cultural mix of dance styles across 40+ fresh songs and routines, and unlock rewards that reveal the rich heritage of each location. Move to 30+ dance styles from around the world including salsa, hip hop, tahitian calypso, bollywood, cumbia, reggaeton and irish step, plus new additions like plena, blues, capoeira and girly funk. Accessible gameplay features low,... Read More

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Find video games at! Featuring more than 30 hot new music tracks, electrifying choreography, a huge variety of new danc...e styles and brand new arenas, zumba fitness 2 invites players to dance their way into shape with a fun and proven program. Read More

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You've laughed along with the fun-filled adventures and hilarious gags of the show now it's time to take the festivities to your N...intendo Wii U. Your pals Phineas and Ferb are ready to take you along on a crazy world-traveling adventure on a Quest for Cool Stuff that will lead them through amazing antics and unforgettable obstacles. Phineas and Ferb's subdued pet Perry, however, has a top-secret mission that only his alter ego Agent P can handle, and one that may finally thwart the diabolical Dr. Doofenshmirtz. So get ready to interact with characters from the show, explore far-off places, sneak past traps and collect amazing artifacts with your favorite wacky duo. The thrills and spills you love to watch on the show will get your blood pumping as soon as you pick up your GamePad and set off on the quest. Play in Exploration mode and switch it up between ambitious innovator Phineas and stoic, man-of-action Ferb as they hunt for lost treasure. The intertwining multi-episode storyline also lets you play in Action mode, which transforms Perry into the stealthy Agent P as he jumps, runs, slides, crouches, hangs from ledges and fights robot inators in Dr. Doofenshmirtz's dangerous lab. As you explore their backyard, a lost temple, underwater caverns and the surface of the moon, the A.T.T. or All-Terrain Transformatron vehicle will come in handy assemble parts, such as pinchers, drills, rocket boosters and headlights to help you access new areas. Make the A.T.T. your own and customize it with your favorite colors, sounds and decorative parts. Keep your wits about you you'll need them to battle the doctor's diabolical, flying Norm Bots, as well as robot hordes including the Patroller, Jumper, Charger and other mean machines as you navigate the collapsing floors, laser beams and falling boulders in Dr. Doof's lab. See the spoils of your travels in the Museum of Cool that holds Ferb's Amazing Fun Trinkets, including the lost Atlantis hieroglyph, floating baby head, Meap's Mustache, caveman's first stone wheel and other special items and loot. From secret-agent spying to globe-trotting collecting, the Quest for Cool Stuff truly will take you on a thrilling adventure. Read More

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In a fitness craze that has swept the globe, the Zumba Fitness franchise introduced the concept of dance-party workouts to enthusi...asts everywhere. Getting and staying fit no longer means mind-numbing hours spent on the treadmill now, you can use the power of dance to shed the pounds and tone your muscles. Coined fitness-parties, Zumba classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography in a fusion of exercise, entertainment and culture for an exhilarating workout that not only gives you great cardio activity, but hones your dance skills. To enrich the workout experience even further, Zumba Fitness World Party takes you on a cultural joyride that showcases the music, rhythms and dance styles found all around the globe and helps you learn how to master each style. Finally, you can learn to love your workout on a fun, freeing fitness journey that takes you to exotic destinations. Get ready to expand your horizons while burning up to 1,000 calories per hour with Zumba Fitness World Party. More than 40 new routines and songs await, including hits from Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee and Pitbull, along with fresh Zumba originals and eclectic tracks from regional musicians. Travel the world and learn more than 30 new dance styles, such as Salsa, Hip-Hop, Tahitian, Calypso, Bollywood, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Irish Step, plus new additions, Plena, Blues, Capoeira and Girly Funk. Move with 14 superstar Zumba instructors, and accurately mirror your instructor's movements to trigger special environmental effects. Zumba Fitness World Party includes four different dance modes to fit your style. World Dance Tour mode takes you to seven destinations through a progression of regionally based cultural routines. Full Class mode lets you choose from 20-, 45- or 60-minute workout routine blocks or allows you to create a custom playlist from your favorite routines. Learn the Steps mode makes it easy to learn at your own pace with a basic moves breakdown for Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Samba, Bollywood and other styles. Tally your stats with the streamlined Progress Tracker Plus, which keeps track of your technique score, calories burned, achievements earned and more. So get ready to achieve your fitness goals by sweating it out in entertaining workouts that take you around the globe. Read More

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