Magic Magic Dominoes - Wooden Packing Problem Brain Teaser Puzzle

This Magic Dominoes packing problem puzzles is such as you have never seen before.The puzzle has 12 laser cut wooden pieces and another 7 domino pieces locked between them.In addition there are 8 domino pieces at the bottom of the wooden fr...ame.What you need to do is to take the 7 locked domino pieces from the top of the puzzle and replace them with the 8 domino pieces stored at the bottom of the wooden frame.But how can 7 pieces be replaced by 8 pieces™...Well, this is exactly the objective of the puzzle. You will need to remove the square “Magic Domino“ piece and relocate the other pieces by sliding them to different location. There is a location combination where you will be able to actually have all 8 domino pieces added to the puzzle instead of the 7 you took out.Excellent puzzle, very challenging, and fun is promised.Great to perform in groups as well.Note: Colors may vary (see pictures).Handmade puzzle by artist Jean Claude Constantin. Read More

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