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Learn about the amazing research that is revolutionizing biology, from advances in medicine to genetic engineering. Meet the world...'s toughest bacterium and a biologically immortal flatworm whilst learning about epigenetics, superbugs, nanomedicine and cloning. Extreme Biology is a compelling guide to developments at the very forefront of science a must-read for anyone wishing to understand, and engage with, modern biology. Topics discussed in this book include: -Hardcore Herd: Water bear, Conan the Bacterium, Planarian flatworm, Superbug (antibiotic-resistant microbes), Aliens -Gene Genies: Gene (including DNA, RNA, Nucleotides), Gene expression, Protein, Prion, Genome, Epigenetics -BioHacker Crew: Gene splicing, Recombinant DNA, Recombinant protein, Polymerase chain reaction, Genetically modified organism, Cloning, Gene machine, Shmeat (including tissue culture), Designer baby, Synthetic life, Biosafety (including bioethics) -Bioscience Buddies/Drug Dudes: Nanomedicine, Monoclonal antibodies, Broad spectrum antiviral, Pharming (the use of genetic engineering to grow drugs), Biosensors -Medical Mavericks: Face transplant, Regenerative medicine, Gene therapy (including DNA vaccine), Functional MRIBook Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 2/26/2013Pages: 64Reading Level: Age 10 and Up Read More

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Macmillan SharksThe Macmillan Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep features incredible close-up photos of sharks and other ocean... life.Iascinating facts, amazing records and trivia. Ideal for homework and school projects! Read More

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From a digger to a dump truck, a fuel truck to a fire engine, this is a colorful collection for all little fans of big trucks. The... black outline illustrations have card flaps to lift which reveal what's going on inside the trucks, and the simple text explains each one's special job.Book Details:Format: Board BookPublication Date: 1/8/2013Pages: 18Reading Level: Age 2 and Up Read More

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