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Maclaren Infant Activity

$124.99 at Magic Beans

Your baby won't be capable of much independent locomotion for a while, but that doesn't mean he'll be okay with sitting still. Bab...ies love to rock and roll (and bounce and sway), and mama's arms are bound to get a bit tired. The redesigned Maclaren Rocker is a tried and true way to keep the rockin' party going, day or night: this ultra-lightweight, stylish baby chair makes it easy to keep baby happy and help him get to sleep. You can use the Maclaren Rocker for naptime or playtime, tote it around the house with ease, and take it anywhere baby needs to go. Features include: Your choice of motions: The Maclaren Rocker can be used as a rocker chair or a stationary baby chair; it also has a quiet, gentle vibration function that may well be your ultimate tool to get baby to sleep. Because the Maclaren Rocker is so light, moms report that you can easily rock it with your foot while doing something else, helping baby doze off as you work on your computer or wash the dishes. Read More

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