MacGregor Macgregor X6000 Official Basketball By Macgregor :

Leather feel at half the price! Synthetic leather construction Wide channel design Indoor/Outdoor use Official Size (29.5")-(basketball,clarino,indoor,macgregor,x6000,)

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The MacGregor Multi-Color Official Basketball has a durable rubber construction, deep channels and enhanced pebbling for better pe...rformance. Read More

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The MacGregor X35WC Official Basketball has a durable rubber construction to make it a long-lasting centerpiece for your games. basketball is suitable for recreational play both indoors and outdoors. A wide channel, officially weighted design helps players practice for serious games when using the MacGregor Basketball. The ball has a 29.5" circumference. Read More

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The MacGregor X500 Intermediate Basketball is a good way for learners to stay active, have fun and build athletic skills. It offer...s durable rubber construction and a wide-channel design. Play with it indoors or out. The smaller-than-average size of this rubber basketball makes it ideal for recreational use. Read More

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The MacGregor Intermediate Heavy Basketball increases arm, wrist and finger strength and improves dribbling, passing and shooting.... Read More

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<p>MacGregor top quality rubber-covered, nylon-wound basketballs with butyl bladders. All prism packs include one of each color: <...b>Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow</b>. Junior size.We have the ultimate color management system with SIX colors! Use our system and provide each group with its own unique ball color! No more arguments about whose ball is left on the field or whose turn it is to play. All prism packs include 6 balls, one of each color.</p><br> Read More

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