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Louis Garneau Safety

Louis Garneau
$149.99 at NashBar

Louis Garneau Quartz II Road Bicycle Helmet. Perfect for road or mountain riding, the Louis Garneau Quartz II Bicycle Helmet featu...res Super MSB Technology which is a ring-shaped protection at the base of the Bicycle Helmet that reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection. It also has a lightweight composite skeleton that provides structural support and integrity on impact. Included in the box is the Spiderlock Vision Light that adapts to the Spiderlock Retention System for improved visibility and safety. Read More

Louis Garneau
$239.99 at NashBar

Louis Garneau Course Road Bicycle Helmet. Great aerodynamics and ventilation are the key attributes to a high performance Bicycle ...Helmet. Both obsacles have met their match with the Louis Garneau Course Road Bicycle Helmet. By superiorly achieving the utmost in aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort, safety, and design, the Course Bicycle Helmet is for sure, a winner. Computational Fluid Dynamics Software enabled us to simulate the aerodynamic performance of several helmets on the market. Garneau's analysis determined that it was possible to optimize performance by maximizing the frontal surface of the Bicycle Helmet. In order to reduce this highest pressure zone on the Bicycle Helmet, the front, frontal openings were designed to optimize air follow and evacuate air internally to the back of the Bicycle Helmet. An aerodynamically designed inner-nerve system molded inside of the EPS liner to force air inside the Bicycle Helmet, circulate the rider's head, and evacuate to through the back of the Bicycle H Read More

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