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Liberty Mass Transit Denver Water BottleLiberty Mass Transit Denver Water Bottle (Land, 24-Ounce)

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There are some people who will tell you that size doesn't matter--they're just insecure about their own tiny little powder sticks.... The Liberty Genome Ski is a massive beast that can float in the deepest of the deep. Sure, the giant 141mm waist might be a little intimidating, but once you try this monster, your powder habit will turn into a full-blown powder addiction. The light, energetic bamboo and poplar core makes the Genome surprisingly lively and easy to manage, and a fiberglass laminate keeps it from getting floppy when you're driving it on hardpack--yup, hardpack. Even though it's obviously a powder ski, what's most surprising about the Genome is its versatility and all-mountain performance; believe it or not, there are cats who use it as their everyday West Coast driver, and though it might be hard to fathom, the Bomb Rocker's underfoot camber allows the Genome to be a far nimbler number than its dimensions would suggest. Of course, it's a monster of a pow ski, with full tip and tail rocker and a silly-wide platform that let it surf, slash, and skip over the deepest, cold-smokinest snow you'll ever find, and all the stability you'd expect from a ski the size of an old-school snowboard. Liberty incorporated a Durathane PU bumper into the construction to smooth out the ride and keep your topsheets lookin' tight, and gave the Genome a lightning-quick P-Tex 2000 base, because sometimes you impress the girls more by being fast. (It's also tough and easy to repair, which'll come in handy when you mob over some rocks while waving at tourists on the lift.) Even if you never mount 'em up, they'll be a sure-fire conversation starter if you leave them in your living room for visitors to ogle. Read More

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Heli skiing in BC? Chasing storms in the Cascades? Calling in sick for a powder day in Little Cottonwood? Load up the Liberty Doub...le Helix Ski, and its fat dimensions, rockered tip, and playful bamboo core will have you drooling and howling with pleasure like the powder hound you are. Did the storm fizzle out? Your boss wise up and force you to wait until the pow's all trampled? That's OK, because the Double Helix has traditional camber underfoot and burly sidewall construction for tight edge hold and powerful steering capabilities for carving up hardpack. The ultra-durable, lively, and sustainable, bamboo core features poplar stringers for weight reduction. This makes the Double Helix an excellent choice for touring, if that's your thing, and even if the chairlift is your preferred mode of uphill transport, it helps to avoid the jelly-legs that can happen after a long day in the pow. Liberty gave this beast HRC 48 edges for a wider, more durable profile. A protective Durathane bumper keeps the ski looking in tip-top shape and performing like an easy-turning, powder-munching monster season after season. Read More

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Hike the ridgeline, take in the view, drop into that tight chute, make a few jump turns, straight-line it at mach speed, pillage s...ome powder stashes, hit that big kicker in the park, carve up the groomer on the way back to the bottom, repeat. If these are the sort of runs that make up your season, you couldn't pick a better shred buddy than the Liberty Sequence Ski. Like all Libertys, the Sequence is made with a bamboo core. It is laminated with poplar, so it'll bamboozle you with its lightweight, snappy, and playful feel. Shred with a light heart, knowing that bamboo's sustainable and quick-growing, but don't sweat the gnar, because it also has virtually the same tensile strength as steel, so overwhelming your skis will take some serious doing. Designed to keep things fun and easy in all conditions, the Sequence has a Stealth Rocker profile, which smooths out uneven snow and cruises through powder, as well as making it equally easy to rail hardpack arcs or slash big, sloppy turns in the deep. A Durathane PU layer helps to reduce vibration and keeps your topsheets looking fresh (Skiing rule #32: If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you ski good. Whatever, grammar.) Bases made of P-Tex 2000 slide like greased weasels, and UHMW PE sidewalls and HRC 48 edges are designed to resist the destruction brought about by your no-holds-barred shred style. Read More

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The updated 2010 Hazmat is our most versatile ski and our everyday ride here in Colorado. Featuring UHMW sidewalls and a thicker e...dge profile, the smooth and energetic Hazmat is truly a one ski quiver. With a medium flex, bamboo laminate core, and a mid-fat footprint the Hazmat does everything well, from riding powder to park.Key Features of The Liberty Hazmat Skis 181: HRC 40 Edges - Slightly Lower hardness rating with a wider profile and larger anchors to dissipate heat and increase impact resistance Cab 4- Cab Forward Stance 78 Degree Sidewall FRP - Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bamboo - Laminated bamboo gives tremendous rebound and energy while being environmentally friendly UHMW Sidewalls - Rugged and repairable sidewall material with a layer of rubber above and below for smooth riding and durability. UHMW is tougher than ABS and can be repaired if you manage to gouge a hole in it P-Tex 2000 - Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leader ISO - New co-extruded polyamide material is the best sublimated topsheet available Liberty Core - Laminated Bamboo and Poplar core.We laminate 3 bamboo stringers within the poplar core to create a tough and light core that has incredible energy return and snow feel.This core will flex enough to ollie or butter with ease, yet has enough backbone to stomp landings or ride at high speed. Read More

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