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Lenmar Toys & Games

$19.99 at Home Depot

Ready To Go or R2G batteries from Lenmar are an ideal solution for high-drain devices like digital cameras or toys, as well as low...-drain devices like remote controls or calculators. R2G batteries combine the ready-to-go convenience of alkaline batteries with the economy and high-performance of nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. R2G batteries are ready when you are even straight out of the package; plus they hold their charge up to 4 times longer than standard NiMH rechargeable batteries. They are perfect for both low and high-drain devices, and they work with any NiMH charger. Read More

$19.99 at Office Depot

Gaming Battery, Fits Brand Nintendo, Fits Model Game Boy Micro, Battery Type Lithium Ion, Voltage 3.8, Battery Capacity 480ma

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