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Leachco Kids' Bath

$34.23 at Amazon

Every parent seems to be looking for that one thing that would make bath time a better time for both baby and mom. Parents want a ...safer place for bathing slippery babies, and something soft and cozy to help soothe fussy infants. A bathing aide that can grow along with baby would be great too, something they can use for longer than just a couple of months. Enter the Flipper Sling-Style Baby Bather, sure to be every parent's favorite soft spot for bathing baby. The Flipper Sling-Style Baby Bather is a soft bathing cushion with a sling-style center, especially designed to grow with your little one. The center sling expands with a reclining infant's weight, while elevated edges hold baby's head out of the water, making bathing and shampooing feel more secure. Flipper's fabric is padded and porous, surrounding baby with warm bath water and soft, cushiony support throughout the entire bath time. When baby is old enough to sit up, flip your flipper over for a baby-sized, cushioned tub to use inside your adult bath tub. And when bath time is complete, simply shake excess water and hang flipper from its sturdy, drip-dry hanger. Now that's what we call a soft and cozy, safe, soothing, and convenient bath aid. Read More

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