Labeda Labeda Elite Series Buddha Complete Skateboard

The Labeda® Elite Series Complete Skateboard is crafted around a 9-ply Canadian maple deck with a double kicktail. It's set up with quality components including Labeda® XXX trucks with Pro Lift cushions, 52 x 36-mm wheels, and ABEC 7 The skateboard features Buddha graphics that are sure to shine when you're kicking your ollies, slides, and grinds. Key Specs: Deck Width: 7.75 inches Tail: Double Kick Tail Brand of Trucks: Labeda® Truck Cushions: Pro Lift Cushions Wheel Size: 52 mm Board Graphics: Full-Color Graphics   Features   Benefits Deck Material: 9-ply Canadian Maple Nine layers of maple laminate provides your board with strength and flexibility. This is essential to longer board life and pop. Skate Deck Length: 31 inches Brand of Wheels: Labeda® Force Bearing Rating: BEVO ABEC 7 Read More

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