Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PlayStation 3

Experience a new approach to football that mirrors the ebb and flow of real-life matches with the renowned Fox Engine and six central tenets to govern ball control, play physicality, the feel of match day and more Take total control over th...e ball with TrueBall Tech, which provides total body freedom to allow you to nod, chest or flick a pass into space, and first touch gameplay that truly sets skilled players apart Shield the ball from opponents and master close-quarters face-offs with a full 360-degree, two-footed control system Watch your players react to collisions based on their direction, speed, force and size with the Motion Animation Stability System that displays lifelike reactions Revel in varied tackling animations and new realistic ball movements in one-on-one situations that allow defenders to apply varied levels of pressure and give attackers the option to out-pace, feint, pass or shoot when space allows Feel the emotional drive of the game with features that recreate home team support and introduce the 12th man, as well as affect the emotional state when one player has a bad game or when one brilliant moment turns the tide Play with your favorites in PES ID that captures each player's full ID with individual animations that are instantly recognizable and goes even further to capture entire teams' playing ethos and style Grab the reigns with Team Play, and take control of three or more players to execute tactics in key areas of the field, such as create space, exploit space, use the flanks to overlap play and more Command free kicks that are actually free with the ability to take decoy runs and make short passes, while defenders can move personnel to block the ball Enjoy the attention to detail with realistic facial movements and animations, faithfully re-created stadiums ? from entrances to post-match festivities ? and more Read More

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