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View larger View larger View larger Crib Mattress Buying Guide A crib mattress is an essential purchase for your baby. One of the ...most important things caregivers can do for newborns is to provide them with a safe sleeping environment. To help reduce the risk of suffocation, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death), a properly assembled crib and proper fitting crib mattress should be used without toys, blankets, pillows or corded electronics in or near an infants sleeping space. Choosing the right crib mattress for your baby can require a bit of research as there are many to choose from. Purchasing a new crib mattress is best instead of second hand. You dont know how the previous owner used or stored the product. Plus crib mattresses available today are made to the latest standards. Crib mattresses are designed to fit inside USA standard size cribs and toddler beds. Each crib mattress will fit inside a 52 x 28 crib (with plus or minus dimensions) and are no thicker than 6 measured from seam to seam. Find information about crib fit and measuring the inside dimensions of your crib to help ensure a snug fit for your crib mattress. You can purchase two-stage models which offer a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. Focus on the 4 Cs of a Crib Mattress to help you decide: Core, Cushioning, Cover and Certifications Core Types Innerspring Crib Mattresses Innerspring coils are made of steel and are heat-tempered, which means the coils will bounce back into shape easily. For the best type of innersprings, look for a higher coil count, which means the coils are closer together, helping to create a firmer surface overall. Upgraded innerspring models include border wire or border rods, which is thick steel wrapped around the edges to keep them supported. Additional features include weight distribution systems, cross frames and corner and side protectors, like pylons, which help to make the core more durable, firmer and supp Read More

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