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The Killerspin JET600 table tennis racket is one of the most balanced in the Killerspin line. With a blade engineered with 5 layer...s of different premium woods, the JET600 provides a lightweight, yet powerful base for precision placement and power when needed. Created for the intermediate to advanced-level player, the JET600 combines a soft-feel with enough spring for the hard-hitters. This racket comes equipped with Killerspin’s celebrated Nitrx-4Z high-tension rubbers, providing exceptional grip to counter heavy-spinning opponents while providing the grip needed for superior spin on serves, topspin shots and backspin set-up strokes. The Killespin JET600 was developed to elevate the aggressive yet finesse-oriented player’s game and put away the competition with ease. The product comes with a 30-day limited warranty. read more

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