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Find Toy Vehicles and Vehicle Playsets at Target.com! Wield the power to defend your turf by building your own handheld space blas...ter! Sneak up on friend or foe with the Vex Robotics Snap Shot. Watch as the ammo drops down and secures into position. Lock target, aim, and send projectiles flying over ten feet for long-range attacks! Open construction with snap-together pieces allows for a glimpse at the planetary gears and real working shock absorber style springs. Learn how simple gear ratios and spring energy ensure that no one down range is safe. Vex Robotics is dedicated to teaching kids the science behind the fun through hands-on learning with its Stem based robotics construction kits. Assemble and annihilate. read more


Find Robotics at Target.com! Learn while having fun with the Hexbug Nano V2 Neon Launchpad. The nano V2 is a micro robotic creatur...e that scurries through tubes, exploring an environment built by kids. After assembling the Launchpad, place the nano V2 at the center and rotate the base towards a target. Hit the launch button and watch the Hexbug nano V2 soar through the air, into the target, scurrying down through the neon tube, ready for another ride! Gender: Unisex. read more


Find Toy Vehicles and Vehicle Playsets at Target.com! This construction kit challenges you to not only Build Genius, but also buil...d a fully functional Vex Robotic Catapult at the same time! Explore the technology behind some of the most influential inventions of our culture's Age of Innovation! Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman designs, this modern Catapult has a ratcheting winch that can control the distance projectiles are thrown. Crank the winch to its maximum tension, and you can hurl balls over 10 feet! Hexbug believes in using the fun of robotic toys to teach kids important Stem principles through hands on learning. The Vex Robotics Catapult feature two alternate builds for more robotic fun! All Catapult's construction pieces are compatible with educational Vex IQ pieces to create your own custom Vex robot and explore unlimited possibilities. Two balls included. Batteries not required. Color: Gray. read more

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