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Hashtag Me! is the party game that will have you in #stitches! one player shares an anecdote while the others chime in with commen...ts via their hashtag cards. Try to stay #focused through the belly laughter in this game of hilarious social interpretation!. read more

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The Party game o f Best vs Worst Lifestyles!  Welcome to GET A LIFE! The party game where your friends will put together the Best.... or the Worst new lifestyle tailored just for you! Players build hands of five Lifestyle cards to represent your new living situation. When it's your turn to be the 'Contestant', you will award points for the Best and Worst lifestyles offered to you. The cards depict the main five aspects of your life: Your dwelling. From a mud hut, to a castle.  Your locale. from the Sahara to Sydney.  Your job. from a dishwasher, to a rock star. Your ride. from a tricycle, to a private jet. And your roommate. from a pet tarantula, to your spouse.  Lots of laughs in this game where life can change on a dime or. a card. read more

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