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The ultimate "parenting bible" (The Boston Globe") with a new Foreword--and available as an eBook for the first time--a timeless, ...beloved book on how to effectively communicate with your child from the #1 New York Times" bestselling authors.... read more

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There are guidebooks to set a parent's expectations for pregnancy and caring for a baby, but not one step-by-step guide for the ch...allenge of raising a child with ADHD... until now. The contrast between expectations and genuine capability is stark but invi read more


Your Pregnancy Journal You have the miracle of life growing inside of you so why not write down how it feels on a daily basis? A p...regnancy diary is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. It can be just a memory to reflect on or your read more

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The essential guide to bring out the best in your children. The Parent Practice team, led by Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan, hav...e been delivering positive parenting courses since 2004 designed to make families happier by giving parents skills and... read more

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'You're valuable, enviable and not inferior. The way you see and carry yourself is all that matters. Let no one undermine you.' book is written to empower single parents, most especially the single mothers to reinvent themselves and reach out to enjo read more


Baby Girl Names for 2016 has over 1000 first names to help you to decide on the right name for your baby. There is a wide variety choose from with both modern and classic names listed alphabetically. With pronunciations, origins and meanings all includ read more

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"A guide to teaching basic programming skills for parents and teachers, with step-by-step explanations, visual examples, and exerc...ises. Covers programming concepts including loops, lists, functions, and variables, and how to build games and... read more

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"Recombination mechanisms allow cells to break and reattach DNA sequences. They are important for repair of damaged DNA. They also... help generate additional genetic diversity in sperm and eggs cells by mixing DNA sequences from maternal and paternal... read more


"100 of the" series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Most Unique Baby Girl Names. Read this book and m...any other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books. read more

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Choosing your baby's name is incredibly important, as the name carries a unique weight and meaning that the girl or boy will carry... for life. The meaning of a name is often the reason behind the choice, but what about other more fascinating influences?... read more


Raising Peaceful Kids parenting guide gives parents the tools to raise children in a mindful and compassionate way. In a busy, dig...ital world this book helps parents lead their children to live a more peaceful, balanced life. These simple steps help parent read more


"100 of the" series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Most Unique Baby Boy Names. Read this book and ma...ny other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books. read more


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: Happier, healthier, smarter babies start in the womb. Pregnancy is an amazing time in any woman's... life. It is the time when you give birth to a human child. From the day you find out you are pregnant to the day you ho read more

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A parenting expert shows parents how to rid their homes of the entitlement epidemic and raise confident, resilient and successful ...children by providing a solution to help kids develop healthy attitudes in life. By the author of If I Have to Tell You... read more


With the first edition of "The Hurried Child," David Elkind emerged as the voice of parenting reason, calling our attention to the... crippling effects of hurrying our children through life. He showed that by blurring the boundaries of what is age... read more


This book on lays the foundation for more effective parenting by equipping parents with the skills, principles, and strategies the...y will need for raising well rounded and conscious Muslims, especially living in the West. In order to empower, equip, and en read more


This book investigates the perceptions of motherhood in Spanish author Lucia Etxebarria s fiction and offers views of the importan...ce of motherhood in society. Traditional expectations for women as mothers persist despite the fact that they no longer... read more

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After inheriting her maternal grandfather's house in Tennessee, young New York City sculptor Cassie Simon moves to the place where... her mother was born with the hope of discovering the truth about her mother's terrible death. read more

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The book that every parent should read to their child before they go on the Internet. The odds are very good that your child will ...not be negatively impacted by the Internet. But if they are, it can be devastating. Cyber Bullying KILLS kids. (This is... read more


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW TO BEST APPROACH YOUR NEW ROLE AS A STEPPARENT? HAVE YOU FOUND IT CHALLENGING TO GET ALONG WITH YOUR ST...EPCHILDREN? You are certainly not alone, and this book is here to help you. Starting a new family in which you have to i read more

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A lift-the-flap book showing milestones in a baby's development during pregnancy and the mother's experiences as it grows

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Pack of 5 Lotto Replica Scratch Off JACKPOT Pregnancy Announcement Cards! Reveal your pregnancy in a fun and unique way. Comes wit...h a silver 1.5" square scratch off feature that scratches to reveal a "winning" game and the message "We're Expecting!".... read more

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YOUR COMPLETE REFERENCE FOR PARENTING A CHILD WITH ADHD How can I help my child do his homework? How can I get him to brush his te...eth without arguing with me every night? What can I do when he lies about the same thing over and over? Why read more

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Parenting is hard. Really? This may be what they tell us and it may feel that way at times, but is this something you just want to... accept? Have you caught yourself thinking that the challenges of parenting a defiant kid far outweigh the joys? Do you ever read more


This book is intended to help other parents who are currently in the situation we were in. Our baby, only one year old, was discov...ered to have developmental delays. We knew nothing about autism at this time but was urged by knowledgeable friends to get hi read more


Is this apple from my tree? A Law of Attraction Guide for Parents & Grandparents The law of attraction is all about choosing your ...thoughts in a way that leads you towards the end result you wish to create. It is at the basis of what people like Esther Hic read more


Few things are more exciting - or complex - than choosing a child's name. The stakes are incredibly high; this beautiful little gi...rl, who has no say in the matter, must live with your decision for the rest of her life. Even worse, you must make that decis read more

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From an international expert on infant-parent communication, "Your Baby Is Speaking To You" is destined to become a parenting clas...sic. Through intimate access to babies and their families, Dr. Kevin Nugent and acclaimed photographer Abelardo Morell cap read more

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LOOKING FOR A NAME THAT MEANS SOMETHING SPECIAL TO YOU? Given the dizzying array of choices available, picking the right name for ...your baby can be daunting. Why waste hours looking through one long alphabetical list of names just to burn out even... read more

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"In keeping with person-centered theory and therapy, John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan have produced a book that will be immensely he...lpful for professionals who work with parents. Throughout the pages, there are many examples of practitioners honoring and... read more


"100 of the" series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Best Baby Boy Names of All Time. Read this book a...nd many other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books. read more

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Moving into parenthood is typically a time of great joy and excitement, but it also brings fatigue, stress, and conflict. From the... authors of the best-selling Fighting for Your Marriage and A Lasting Promise, this unique and innovative guide offers indisp read more

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The proposed book is a holistic review of the clinical use of placental substances, amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord and its con...tents. It is intended to be a unique presentation of the current advances as well as also discussing the future... read more


Thanks to you . . . I notice wonder in the smallest thing Children learn much about the world from their mothers. But what about t...he unexpected wisdom mothers gain while parenting? The bestselling mother-daughter team of Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma... read more


"Finally, early learning concept books with pages that little ones can turn all by themselves Created with the help of child devel...opment experts, this unique format is designed to keep the pages from sticking together and eluding little fingers. Every iB read more


Choosing a name for your baby is probably one of the most important decisions you can make in your child's life. It can affect her... attitudes towards herself and others and how she perceives herself in relation to the rest of society. Choosing the wrong na read more


Over 1 million people have autism. This number is rapidly growing. Over the past several years autism has increased to epidemic pr...oportions. Thirty years ago it affected only 1 in 2,500; today 1 out of every 88 children in the United States and 1 out of 6 read more


Confused by all the conflicting parenting advice you hear? Not sure who is right or what to do? Well, relax and read this book. wondered why your child gets more upset the nicer you are? Or why your child is always arguing with you, doesn't listen or read more

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Choosing a name for your baby is probably one of the most important decisions you can make in your child's life. It can affect his... attitudes towards himself and others and how he perceives himself in relation to the rest of society. Choosing the wrong nam read more


A collection of 2,000 names for girls. Double-spaced and arranged in two columns per page for aesthetic appeal. Large print.


The perfect companion to the bestselling "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books"For the four million American women who give birth eve...ry year, staying on top of doctor's visits, ultrasound tests, Lamaze classes, baby supplies, birth announcements, and all the read more

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Risque Halloween costumes for young girls. T-shirts that boast "Chick Magnet" for toddler boys. Sexy content on almost every telev...ision channel, as well as in movies and video games. Popular culture and technology inundate our boys and girls with an... read more


"100 of the" series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Most Unusual Baby Names. Read this book and many ...other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books. read more

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For when you need the facts--not fear--about what food, drinks, activities, and procedures you should avoid during each month of y...our pregnancy. Over the years, Dr. Elisabeth Aron has soothed the worries of many soon-to-be moms who have come to her... read more


In her late 20s, she stepped out of her sheltered maternal home and into her new life as a wife in a country far, far away. Little... did she realise that she had, indeed, stepped on to the merry-go-round of life that would spin her world into shades of neon read more


At the time of the birth of a firstborn child, 60% of mothers and 80% of fathers do not feel confident in feeling adequately for their new role of being a parent (according to a UNICEF survey). Are you desperate to stop the never-ending cry read more


When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with RAD-Reactive Attachment Disorder brings hope and healing tools to pare...nts and professionals working to help challenging children. Effective interventions, a full step by step plan, clearer... read more


Insights and stories fill this resource for parents, teacher, and others who want to nurture children and also themselves.

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