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There are thousands of books that offer advice on how to raise babies, toddlers, and older kids. To narrow the choices, ask your friends for recommendations or read online reviews for new and classic options. After you've done a little research, you'll have a better idea of the authors and topics you prefer, as well as ones that match your parenting style.

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Find Books at! A parents' guide to getting actively involved in their children's learning and building positive relatio...nships with teachers and schools to ensure that their kids get the best education possible. Tidal waves of change have hit our education systems--some welcome and some not. As we struggle to keep up with international competition, parents are becoming more concerned and outspoken than ever. They desperately want their kids to get the most out of school, but lack the perspective and skills they need to help their kids succeed. This candid guide by a parent educational consultant and mother of two presents a balanced view that benefits everyone. Step-by-step instruction offers strategies to help parents avoid homework meltdowns, discover their child's learning style, distinguish between learning and achieving, recognize teasing vs. Bullying, support a child who needs more, and fuel children's minds and bodies so they can thrive. read more

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